When pay day comes along, the right thing to do would be to set up a transfer of a certain amount of money into a savings account, in an ideal world I would do that, thinking of the future and all that. But being young, and after working quite a lot over the past month and a bit, Topshop Grande Arcade is a much more appealing place to put my money. Working for Arcadia, the 25% discount is always a bonus, even when just popping in with the definate intention of 'window shopping' only, and then my original intentions go out the window when i see something gorgeous in the sale rail.
From browsing over the website almost every other day to see of anything new, i came across the last season style highwaisted jean...in my opinion, they are something that should never go out, they are perfect for wanting the tucked in look (which i am advising a great deal recently as there are some amazing lose blouses around) or if you want to have something over the top then straight away the high buttons are gone.
This style are called the 'High Waisted Basque Jean' for £48, and I will most definately be investing in a pair. Even when the whole style goes out, the jeans will still be useful as after all, they are just a pair of jeans with a bit more jean material added on top!!!
The indigo colour jean is useful with most of my outfits because its not to dark or too light. Even though summer has been and gone, I realised that the lighter coloured jeans I have were hardly worn as the sun was never out to compliment them!!! The button style is unusual, because most high waisted jeans in the past only had three buttons but the designers obviously felt that if they are bringing them back then they may aswell do it and add an extra bit on!
Another thing I want is the high shine leggins from Topshop, a bit like the style of Sandy from 'Grease'!
These are a great match for any top of a plain material as the contrast with the leggings make an easy going yet stylish look.

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