Garance Dore...

Garance Dore...

The french blogger known as 'garance dore' wrote today about the blonde women that are surrounding her at the moment, everyone seems to feel that now the sun has gone in, then they must now replace that darkness they see all around for that platinum blonde colour that supposedly brightens each day. Its an interesting view, going along with the stereotypical idea that 'blondes have more fun', and in some ways I think that she agrees. The way she speaks is almost as if the colour of her hair changes her attitude to life, like when someone uses hair dye it can make them see through different eyes. When she talks about one of the pictues of a cropped blonde haired girl she says 'Aaaah la la. This is giving me goosebumps', the happy idea that something so simple about a person can create such emotions such as fear or awe. As i'm a blonde, some people may say that I am biased. But infact im blonde because of awe, the google defintion of awe is 'an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration', and because I have an older sister who forever looks glamourous even when shes just woken up, when I was younger I thought that looking like her would make me happier. These thoughts came back to me when reader Garance dore's blog.
I want to find out if these ideas of changing your hair colour will change you as a person, so after Christmas when most of the coldness has gone and it should start to get nicer, then im going brown. Not to my natural mousy brown colour, but instead a dark chocolate type. I havent had brown hair since I was thirteen or fourteen, and I thought that seeing myself look so different to how I have got use to, would maybe change me as a person, in a good way or not, I won't know until then. But sometimes people loving you for how you want to be or how you would like to see yourself, can actually be better than the person you are at the time.
Because understanding peoples 'awe' can actually have good outcomes.

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