Man Up...

Man Up...

*Topshop AVA Shiny Lace Up Hiker Boots*

At £95, although above my usual price limit, when I saw a pair of high laced boots being worn by Lindsay Lohan, I thought they were definately worth the effort heading into town just to try them on! Once walking into Topshop's shoe lounge and seeing the size 5 Hiker Boots presented so goreously on the top of a black shoestand, the sales women could tell I wanted the other boot without me even having to ask. I loved loved loved them so much, and however unsual they are in comparison to my unual style, they looked really nice with the Kate Moss £22 White Stripe Vest and some cute little 'Premium Denim Shorts' for £40.

Unusually, this was just a window shopping trip (which kills me to say) and a chance to take a look at the gorgeous Boots i had been dreaming about for days and days. But next pay day I will certainly be looking for a pair of ankle boots or a type of hiker boots to 'man up' on my girlie appearance. I have a traditionally non daring look, but sometimes when one item of clothes or an accessory stands out to me then i must atleast try it on to see how I could incorporate it into my wardrobe, and these are definately one of those items.

The use of gold, iceskating tie up like clasps on either side of the laces allows my imagination to go back to childhood, when you could not wear high boots without thick socks underneath and obviously shown over the top. Now this seems to be a style thats back in, and especially over winter time, I would not mind wearing an extra layer of iceskating socks or two.


Becca. said...

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)
i just saw you're job occupation and you work for topshop.
personally, for a fifteen year old girl i think topshop is expensive, and the sales are full of things you'd wear once and never wear again. my older sister 19, buys loads from topshop in the sales and never wears the stuff she buys more than once. there are some nice things in there, but are out of my price range. i wouldn't spend 5 months wages on a pair of shoes. i'd rather go and shop elsewhere, maybe when i'm older i'll like topshop more i don't know. but the reason i like it is because of kate moss and i just look at her gorgeous collections every season as i can't afford anything! x

Life At Victoria House said...
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