My Boyfriends Garden on a Pretty day :)

My Boyfriends Garden on a Pretty day :)

I love the way that the sun is trying so hard to shine through and not let the house roof tops let it block it out!

I thought the way that the branches have fallen, makes it look like a heart :)

Old fashioned look with the sun peeking through the trees behind.

His mums gorgeous curved trees with the dark sky behind emphasising the suns glow.

The special boy himself, cooking me dinner after work. We had my favourite dish which i love when he makes it - Pasta :) He is P.E.R.F.E.C.T.


Becca. said...

thankyou for the comment on my blog phillipa :)
i'm glad you like my new feature on my blog!
you'll be pleased to know theres a competition running soon on my blog for my blog readers ( 1st prize is a topshop voucher!
i love pasta too :)

Becca. said...

aaah typo mucho ahaha

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