Secret favourite places to be shared...

Secret favourite places to be shared...

For anyone that knows me, they will know that I am a thinker. Sometimes a bit too much into detail. So much so that I confuse myself and have to start from scratch. And because of this being one of my many annoying habits, I find that losing myself in a favourite place has become a common part of my life.  Often when living life in the city, I like to take time out and wander just fifteen minutes down the road to Grantchester.  Not the well known 'Gratchester Meadows' where various ridiculous young parties went ahead, but instead following along the dog walking pathway from Bidwells Building Soceity down to the Grantchester Bryon's Pool Local Nature Reserve.
All I need is a pre-selected play list on my old school ipod of classic bands such as The Smiths, or the new comback's Temper Track, and im ready to go.  A camera is occasionally brought along so that I can capture the beautiful surroundings and also help me remember the exact thoughts I had whilst walking through the forest, day or night.

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