Head Bands & Head Pieces...

Head Bands & Head Pieces...

This was a shop in Camden Market, set up with all kinds of jewellery on it and the main attraction to me was the mannequin with the head pieces on it! Although each one was more elaborate than the next, they were still so beautiful! Some would be better just to wear to occasions such as Newmarket Races...or tea with the Queen but i'm sure that some of the simpler ones could be matched with something really plain and it would look gorgeous! I especially loved the pink head piece to the right of the mannequin in this picture :) I would love to get a head piece from Bespoke some time soon...such amazing detail, and really good quality too. I may need to invest in one as pay day has just come around :)
I have to admit that I do prefer hair clips with large head pieces attached, this is simply because I do not feel that I have the right size head for a head band, so I keep on buying large attachable flowers so I can position them where I choose. Just last week I put my black rose on the front of a white cami top to make it more interesting :)

I found this from http://styleslicker.thepop.com/, as Kit Lee (fashion photographer) went behind the scenes on the new Maserati magazine shoot. I LOVE the head piece in these photos. This highlights what I was saying about simple dressing matched with a large elaborate head piece. This is certainly the case with this model and the piece is taking up most of her face!

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Paint it Black said...

My sister gets married next year and I need a hat I might pop in here I want a vintage look or something different. Loved reading about your shopping trip to Camden xoxo

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