I cant decide...

I cant decide...

I have always been a BIG lover of floral clothes, and also a BIG lover of flowing tops rather than skin tight...so you would think that I would love a completely floral and flowing dress with a pulled in section under the bust? The shape I think would be flattering, I just cant work out whether I would like to wear it? Is it too much floral? Is it a bit of an overload? I cannot decide!!! What do you think?
Of course my items to show are Topshop :)

Lilly Cream Flower Skater
Price: £35.00
Colour: Cream

Vine Floral Skater Dress
Price: £35.00
Colour: Black


10.15, saturday night said...

I love them both, I'm actually buying the top one today and I bought one off the new look website that was of a similar style for only £9 :)


daisychain said...

I think I like the cream one more, BUT the black is infinitive times more practical!

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