Mummy was feeling generous :)

Mummy was feeling generous :)

FINALLY I had a day off from work on Saturday after working both days the weekend before. My mother and I went to a place near to my dads house, called Harlow. In the centre of the chavy place that is known as Essex!! Although it has a bad name, I have some good memories from the place :)

My favourite thing about it is the market called North Weald Market :)

Some people know it as having dirty knock offs and some people know it for being returns from shops. But I know it for the amazing packs of fruit and veg and the Topshop 'Cabbage'. For those of you who dont know what this is, its the extra items of clothing/shoes that are made by a company and then sold on to market sellers because they think that the lines are not going to sell or if there is a problem with it.

I recommend you go!!

About an hour after buying the coat below, I walked into the real topshop with the intention of buying some goodies with my 25% off and an employee walked up to me and complimented me on it. Had no idea that I was standing right next to it! Topshop Jacket £85 in store and I got it for £25 with no faults! :)

£28 - and I got it for £12 :) Although this top is not in the most recent stock, I loved it when I saw it before and couldnt bring myself to spend £28 on it as its pretty plain. But for £12, who would say no?? Black transparent back, and silk layers on the front :) Perfect matched with leggins. And good for day wear and nights too!

Night out on monday :) £40 in store and I got it for £12 again :)
Everyone loved it matched with my mates topshop jaguar belt, heels and my blazer. Perfect because its still in my Topshop store that I work in, so it means I can wear it to work and they will never know :) Well until one of them reads this!!!


daisychain said...

fab finds!

Paint it Black said...

Cute outfit lurve that playsuit:) and I love the cabbage story and your description of Essex xx

Tights Lover said...

Sounds great. You look fab!

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