New Favourite Model :)

New Favourite Model :)

This Model is Marla from Premiere Models, and i've decided that she is my new favourite model :) She seems to shoot beautifully whether it is a close up shot or a magazine shoot. This is the model from the Maserati Car Magazine shoot, and after seeing her pictures, I thought I would do a bit of research. and it seems like Marla is pretty unknown. When typed into Google, the only thing that comes up is the Maserati shoot. I love the second photo I have chosen from her portfolio, as I love how girly yet seductive she looks all at the same time, the blouse has a gorgeous combination of colours and the choice to have three large rings emphasises the colours within the picture. When I hear anything new then I will post it straight away, but for now I am going to simply admire this Premiere Model's long dark hair and gorgeous cheek bones


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Unknown said...

What is her last name? Do you know? She is beautiful.

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