One day I went to London...

One day I went to London...

First Stop...Camden Market. As I had never been there before, I was imagining it to be much like past London markets which I had been to, for example...Portobello Road, one of the world's largest antique markets, or Picadilly Market, famous for its craft stalls. But instead, when walking out of Camden Station, all I could see was colour!!! Not just normal colours, but everything seemed almost fluorescent!!! It was really strange, as after walking a bit and turning a few corners into the first market in Camden, everything turned black. The gothic style clothing was obviously a big part of Camden and all these scarily high black boots were presented across a massive stool taller than myself! Throughout the first market, the constant change from vibrant colours to dark gothic style areas continued, and in some ways I think that it made the market more exciting!
Wendy (Rupert's mum) and I were very interested in the bright coloured wellies for £20 but realised that, there are hardly any times when wellies are actually needed even though we live in England, however lovable the colours and designs were!
It was slightly surreal, I was wearing black skinnys (topshop), purple shoulder padded top (topshop) and black coat (primark), so when i was all covered up because of the cold, I thought that i fitted in slightly with all the gothic stands. But obviously many of the men and women disagreed! I kept on getting strange looks, but it was probablly because of my newly highlighted bright blonde hair, that gave it all away! Me thinking I was fitting in to a gothic scene was a big joke!

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