Taylor Momsen <3

Taylor Momsen <3

Shes gorgeous and stylist and she's not even 20. Heres a few of my favourite style moments of Taylor Momsen. Although I do infact prefer her with her curly blonde hair, im still loving the straight haired look to help pull of her 'rock chick' look she's doing at the moment. Im sure within no time, she will be like the rest of the Gossip Girls and will have the natural wavey look back as normal :)

This picture doesnt even look like her! She looks about 25 years old!!! Taylor at The Whitney Museum Gala at The Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC on October 21st.

On the set of filming the new Gossip Girl, October 26th.


Paint it Black said...

I love her style. She always looks amazing :)

Jessica Ly said...

i would have to agree, classic beauty with a grunge edge!be sure to check out my blog and leave a comment hehe x

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