Uniform Decisions...

Uniform Decisions...

Yesterday whilst at work, my manager went on a break and left myself and my co-worker Holly on the shopfloor :) We thought this was a perfect opportunity to try on different choices for our three items, especially as the shop floor was especially quiet!!
These are my options...

Lace Bodycon Dress £38.00 I definately want this one!!!
I can see this matched with some black or coloured net tights such as these for £6 from dorothy perkins. I tried this dress on with a purple jaguar belt from topshop also. Its from past ranges and i never got a chance to buy it but just as I was trying it a customer came over and said it looked lovely on me. I offered it to her to try on and within moments she decided she wanted it!! There we go, trying on clothes at work can most definately be a good thing :)

Knitted Sequin Tiger Jumper £48.00
Okay, so this is not the normal type of thing that I would wear, but as the cold weather is coming out. Ive decided that I absolutely love it! It covers my bottom, so i dont feel bad which is a bonus!!  I would wear it with a pair of black leggins or my blue jean jeggins. When I tried it on, an instant smile came to my face. Its SO comfortable :)

Now, as I only have one outfit item left to pick, Ive come to a bit of a problem! I LOVE both of these tops and I cant decide which one to get! :) Help me decide :)

Knitted Sequin Tiger Jumper £48.00
Matched with a pair of jean jeggins for the casual look and a waist belt or I would love to get some really gorgeous skirt to go underneath. Cant think of anything at the moment though, simply because most of my skirts are black and obviously these two colours just dont go!

Lace Pleat Hem Shell Blouse £28.00
This one I love. Obviously its far more casual and somewhat more suitable for work! Although I dont necessarily want it to be my only choice because the colour is very similar to my jumper. I tried this on with just a simple pair of black leggins and if I was going out then it would be great to put these with my new ankle boots from previous posts.
Its all SO pretty and I would love to get all four but obviously I can only get three items for 60% off!
What do you think??

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Paint it Black said...

Great choices I am such a fan of Topshop I would go with the navy blue beaded swing top and I know that it has a lovely open detail at the back. Navy and black can sit nice together maybe team with black sequins or skinnies. Happy picking :)

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