Vogue Italia Mary-Kate Olsen

Vogue Italia Mary-Kate Olsen

Who doesnt love her??
Shes such a style icon.
Even if she has been styled to the max in this photoshoot, the pictures feel so relaxed and natural. How every girl would love to look each day...a mans dream! :)


Unknown said...

MK Olsen is just the best - great photos... I want her hair so bad.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm really pale too and i think us palies can pull off white tights if we wear it with a nice helping of bright red lipstick and a confident smile :)


daisychain said...

I love her in these pics

Jill said...

Wow she looks amazing in these!

Anonymous said...

I envy her so much!!!
lovely blog!


Anonymous said...

just love love the editorial ... xx

Anna!:) said...

She is amazing!
Love her!:)


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