Hair Cut??

Hair Cut??

These are my three favourite fringe styles:

Tomorrow I am going for a much needed hair cut, I have had the same hairstyle since I was about 11! So I decided that I would opt for a fringe! Very unusual for me as I have straight thin hair, but nowadays hair dressers are able to put fringes on anyone due to new styles and techniques! I wanted to take some pictures and I thought that keeping the pictures with blonde people would be easier to visualise :)
What do you think???

Also I thought I would tell you all that I FINALLY got my Topshop MYLES Fur Cuff Boots but instead of getting the grey ones, I got the newer ones in a Camel colour. They are SO warm and I definitely advise people getting them! Especially great when I was cycling in the snow, which recently turned to this amazing sight...


Unknown said...

Yaaaya...Bang-it-on!!! Can't wait to see pics of the NEW doo. My bangs are getting long and could use a trim :)-

Platform Princess said...

Love Heidi's, but when does she not have perfect hair?

PP x

Winchester Manor said...

I love Heidi's as well...do post a picture, I would love to see!

Love and hugs,

C A said...

Hiiio! thanks for your sweet words, your blog is always on top!

The fashionart blog,
@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

Tights Lover said...

Good luck with the fringe. I really like the hair in the top photo!

Lucy said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog my dear!
YEs yes yes get a fringe - itl be so much warmer in winter and you have straight hair so itl be easy! i have bushy wild hair when its not tamed so me having a fringe is sometimes a chore - good luck!


Paint it Black said...

Ohh great boots and you had loads of snow we only had a sprinkle.I work at House of Fraser for Nicole Farhi concession xxx

Lucy O'Brien said...

I love the boots...i used to work at topshop,i miss my discount so much!Really wanna c ur hair..im debating a fringe too!



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