New Blog Interview <3

New Blog Interview <3

Firstly for all you lingerie lovers out there, I would like to show you my new sale item purchases from Marks and Spencers in the new Ceriso range - both items NINE pounds :O

The Interview

Q. Why did you start this blog?

A. An old friend started it and got really into it. To be completely honest I was in awe of how exciting it all was and how happy it made her. Check her out... http://www.mlle-milly.blogspot.com/

Q. What can readers expect from your blog?

A. Well ive been told by many that I have a minor obsession with Topshop, and that is mainly because I work for Topshop! So I suppose they should expect to have an interesting view on the newest and older clothes, the key items in each season, when sales are on etc; but also im interested in the general gossip throughout the celebrity world and in everyday life.

Q. What other blogs inspire you?

A. I must say Giselle from http://styleofafashionista.blogspot.com/ . Caroline from http://cosmicaroline.blogspot.com/. Maison from http://maisonchaplin.blogspot.com/. Carly from http://clm-td4f.blogspot.com/ and last but not least, Aubrey from http://hendersons01.blogspot.com/.

Q. Onto the personality section. Ask a friend to describe you in five words.

A. From my boyfriend - 1. Loud. 2. Smiley. 3. Beautiful (not sure if that counts) 4. Funny. 5. Talkative

Q. Do you agree with this?

A. I can sort of agree, I would like to :) But its all down to personal opinion!

Q. What do you do for a living?

A. Well at the moment I am a student at college, but I also work in Topshop to earn some money (and spend it all in there too)

Q. What do you hope to be doing in 10 years?

A. Working for a successful business (as i want to do business at uni) with a family of my own. Very excited for family time even though Im only 17!

Q. Finally, what do you hope to convey to your readers?

A. Well idealy I would like to convey to my readers, that although style is important...fashion comes and goes. Its what is inside you that brings out inspiration for others, the way you put an outfit together doesnt always have to be about whats 'in' at the time, but instead how it makes you feel and whether you feel that you could get noticed in it...overall having a positive outcome :) Forever the optimist.
Lastly I would just like to introduce you to the new Leighton Meester Single, 'Somebody to Love'. Which you can listen to on http://allieiswired.com/archives/2009/10/leighton-meester-premieres-new-song-somebody-to-love . So the gorgeous star can do other things apart from acting? :) Quite catchy :)


Beau said...

thanks for ur comment, i'm following ya now!
Follow back?

happy newyear! :)


mel said...

hey, love your blog and the awesome name:) loving all the topshop sale items!


Emma x said...

I love the basque! I would never have guessed you were only 17, now i feel so old at 26!!!! x

daisychain said...

fab undies! I so need some new ones.

you make me feel OLD!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love your blog. This is my first time here and I already feel like I know so much about you. :) This was a great interview. You obviously have great style and it shows through your answers.

I am following you now. Will you follow me back? :)

Nina said...

You are such an interesting personality!

Milly. said...

Ahh best get my ass to Marks&Spencers quick. Would you believe in the whole of Victoria Secret two types of bra had my size...I think you'd cry.

trying to upload photos but it's being lame. urgh.


Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous interview!


namber juan said...

Visit our second hand shop "Namber Juan"

hope you enjoy it!!!!

Tights Lover said...

Great interview. I LOOOVE the lingerie you purchased. I think I'm a bit jealous ;-)!

Milly. said...

Ye...was horrific. It was mainly a maximum of 32C...no DD :'(
Finally found one I now love though, thank gawd. Haha... You're ones look pretty pretty from M&S!

Ye Times Square&Empire State at Night were probably my favourites. And 5th Avenue... ;) Maybe I'll be there for my year abroad, you'll have to invade.


Anonymous said...

Good interview!

Paint it Black said...

Great interview as someone else mentioned you have an amazing personality this really does come across in your blog and thanks for the mention xxx

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

lovely post, so interesting! I didn't know you were friends with Milly?

also was just wondering if you got the prize I sent you yet? as i posted it a while back... x

♥ Hannah



Unknown said...

I would love to work in topshop, i'd definitely abuse the staff discount!

Great sales purchases, i cannot get enough of this year's bargains!


Marz said...

Cute interview! I love lingerie! Those pieces are really nice.

Treacle said...

Ummm...that lingerie is several different kinds of hot. Please say you'll do a review? :-)

Unknown said...

omg, i liked ur blog, really amazing. im following.. :)


Mila said...

Great interview!

Siru said...

Nice post!

juliet xxx

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