My fellow Blogger Milly at http://mlle-milly.blogspot.com/  has just published an inspirational article on the not just a label website posted below. If you get a chance then DO take a look!! I know not many people always have time for reading long articles, so maybe this will entice you...'Did you know about 900 thousand tonnes of clothing fill landfill sites each year?' - this is one of the pieces of information that I took in within her article. It makes me want to recycle all my old clothes or atleast get a needle and thread out to help save the world! Who would have thought that by re-using our clothes, we are contributing to saving the world! :)

Just bought a SALE dress today from topshop for £6.30 and am going to do some DIY work on it, inspired by Milly. Posts will be shown soon :)


daisychain said...

Yep, the blazer is indeed £20 from new look and I pretty much live in it!

michelle_ said...

thanks for the link ! i checked the store out :D
always good to see new people opening up new stuffs :)

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xoxo . Glisters & Blisters)

Milly. said...

Aww thanks lady, this was really sweet of you to re-post :D
I did indeed like it.

&I'm glad I inspire you, your strawberries inspire me...(in joke in joke) ha! :)

Love You <3

Platform Princess said...


Tres cute blog... and boyf haha. Milly is great isn't she?

PP x

C A said...

Hi darling, thanks for the comment, have a nice weekend!

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