Topshop saved Christmas :)

Topshop saved Christmas :)

Our Early Morning Christmas Day Walk :)

My Christmas Day outfit...

Topshop Dress in the Sale £20...with my discount...£15! :)
LOVE the detail on this dress, and its really hard to show you due to the flash and also the fact that the dress is black! But if you were able to look up close then you would see a sort of cross hatched material shaped into triangles all over the front side of the dress with the back completely transparent. Therefore meaning that I added a black pair of h&m leggings and a long h&m top underneath :) In future Im thinking that I may buy a long coloured top to wear underneath to bring out the shapes and wear it with clear tights!

Also bought The Tapestry Bloom Swing Top as I already own the summer style one :)
£15 :) Will do a post on this soon :)

Got some other purchases also so I MUST picture them and get them on here, but as far as im concerned right now all I need is a cup of tea whilst watching Notting Hill with the gorgeous Hugh Grant :)

I am loving blogging so much, every day I try to create a new post and hope and pray that someone new will read it and like my style or what im saying :) So if you are feeling generous then please do pass on my blog to a friend and I promise you that I will actually comment back to them! Unlike some other bloggers, who sometimes may feel that they are too important to appreciate the support they get! I most definitely do :)
Love to everyone <3


Vix said...

Happy Xmas! Love your new haircut and your sales buys are gorgeous....had my Hugh Grant fix with About A Boy last week, V.attractive guy n'est pas? xxx

Treacle said...

Oh that dress is very fine, and I love the pink accent ribbon. Thanks so much for stopping by today! :-)

Monica said...

love the dress :)

follow me


Natalie Suarez said...

ur black dress is so cute! i love the sheer detail :)



Anonymous said...

wauw love the christmas outfit!

Beau said...

haha thanks for ur comment, follow me and i'll follow back ;)


Emma x said...

That dress is soo lovely x

MJ said...

Great black dress - v. Alexander Wang, haha. I wish I'd seen it when I went sale shopping the other day...


Paint it Black said...

Me & you must be the biggest Topshop fan bloggers lol. There seems to be a Hugh Grant over load on TV at the moment. Great outfit I have seen that dress in store it is fab. Have a lovely day xoxo

Virginia de la Reynares said...

Hope you had a wonderful xmas! Absolutely love love loveee the dress you wore - so jealous! It reminds me a lot of an Alexander Wang one I would have died for. Looks amazing on you!!!

daisychain said...

your christmas outfit is gorgeous

English Rose ♥ said...


darling, i am a bit in love with your blog - want to follow each other/exchange links?

Thanks so much for the lovely comment dearest - it means a lot that you like the blog - i hope you'll become a regular

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas

Stay safe and chic darling
English Rose x

Siru said...

The dress looks fab on you!

juliet xxx

Carly said...

thank you for your comment :)
I love that bag lol. 25% off that's good ! I bet your always spending your wages in there lol! I would be !
I love your outfits ! you have been shopping lol !
xoxo - carly.


Laura Demetriou said...

Hey lovely, thanks for commenting on my blog, yours is awesome!

I'm a definately a follower, want to exchange links, it would be a priviledge to have your blog on mine.

Love your sale items too, I love Topshop!



ZEUS said...

Urgh! Love your new Topshop black dress - and on sale too! I wish we had TS in Aus... boo

[Happy NY]

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