New Music Interest <3 and Heidi

New Music Interest <3 and Heidi

I warn you! This is a LONG post :)

Katharine McPhee, she is gorgeous, talented and the american girl is new to me. Obviously she has not hit the UK yet but it seems like shes taking America in her stride. Listened to some of her songs and really love them! She was a runner up for the 2006 Pop Idol, and obviously this defeat did not stop her.  Over the past 4 years her look has completely changed from a long dark haired curvy girl to a slim crop bobbed blonde girl and personally I dont know which one I prefer? Its almost like looking at two different people! Loving 'How' especially, take a look at her and hopefully you will love her :)

Pictures from her website.

Onto more of a negative topic, Heidi Montag's Obsession.

In ONE day in November, Heidi Montag 10 procedures done - had buttocks augmentation , a breast job touch-up, a nose job touch-up, chin reduction, mini brow lift, Botox, fat injections in her cheeks and lips, pinning back of her ears, and liposuction in her neck, waist and thighs.

Now I dont know whether it is just these pictures that have most probablly been photoshopped! But I think that her hair is one thing that always made me like her, no matter what she has done with her body; therefore meaning that if she is going to have all this plastic surgery done and change her hair too to make it worse then I am now a Non Heidi Montag lover. I feel bad for her at times, because in my opinion, the whole Hills crew were put into this constantly filmed environment and truthfully with the success of it all, they are never going to get out of the star light. Also if someone is used to a constant large income coming in every month then it would be hard to not try to grab attention when the funds are running low. I would love to meet her and get to know her and try to get the real Heidi Montag out! I felt really sorry for her the whole way through the Hills because it was obviously Spencers fault for everything that went wrong with her life and now its still continuing, but she loves him so much that she ignores it!
How do you feel about her? Taking it too far for attention? Or a genuine lack of self confidence steamed by her sleezy husband telling her she could be better??


Unknown said...

We have the same lay out! How funny :)...Heidi looks horrible...love the old heidi...the natural one in the first seasons of the hills!!!!

Girl, could you please vote for my outfit?: http://bit.ly/4wLwyk


Milly. said...

She was beautiful before, much much more beautiful.
She just looks completely fake now, like a plastic doll as opposed to the beautiful real person she was...

Fan no longer!!!


young-shields said...

the heidi and spencer money machine has slowed down lately = heidi's extreme plastic surgery jobs.

awful! x

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

This is SO sad - when I first saw the photos I was completely shocked! She looks so awful and plastic, and her boobs are ridiculous! I just feel sorry for her as she obviously suffers from low self esteem which is made much, much worse by her sleezy husband Spencer. He always puts her down. Just wish she'd realised how beautiful she was before she had that all done :( she's only 23!!!!

♥ Hannah



pip a la chic said...

I used to watch the hills and never really liked her, but she was beautiful before her surgery. She doesn't even look like herself anymore. I can't stop staring at her, she looks so different!

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