New Purchases :)

New Purchases :)

Just quickly before I show you my new purchases, I though I would show you how I dressed this Warehouse Sale Dresss. I put it with my Topshop Blazer and H&M leggins; and of course as it was so cold I had to cover this outfit up with a huge coat but when I got to the library, I was able to show it off :) Also found out that my best friend Alice from http://lovebeau.blogspot.com/ also has this and bought it a week before me!

Firstly I bought a new belt from Pieces for £6 as apparently it had a fault on it, but it really didnt! It was just someone bigger than a small tried it on and it was slightly stretched but when I put it on it was a perfect fit :)

Secondly, after work yesterday I bought this large clutch bag with an added strap from my Topshop, for £18. Its bigger than the usual clutch bag, therefore meaning that I could use it for college and hold my folder. Its got a nice lining with an inside pocket for my phone :)

Now this gorgeous pair is my birthday present from one of my family members. Everyone in my family has been asking what myself and my sister want for our joint birthday and I saw this in the concesssion Faith across from Topshop. They are in a size four even though I am normally a five, but they seem like they fit very well. They were £30 originally and I got them for £27 :) My mum bought them and is going to offer them to a family member to say that they bought them instead and pretend that I didnt know about them! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Hope to wear them out for my eighteenth night out :)

This dress is from Miss Selfridge for £11.50 with my 25% off discount! When it was already 50% off!! Straps are a bit long but im going to wear it for my birthday meal with family and friends :)


Treacle said...

Gorgeous tunic! It's very flattering on you and I love how the sleeves peek out from under the blazer.

P.S. A blogroll is the same as your blog list over to the right side of the page. :-)

Reverie de Paris said...

Nice outfit ... pretty colour on you too =D

Emma x said...

Fab, i knew the colour would be good on you. You look so cute with glasses too x

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Nice libary outfit, great colour you look great in it.

Twitter..... ive had my acc for about year & thought id give it a wee go & see how i get on with it!

x x

Sarah said...

The tunic looks lovely!


Friend in Fashion said...

The tunic is a great shape and colour on you, looks lovely with the blazer :)



H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

adorable! you look lovely, and that colour is so perfect on you!

♥ Hannah



Laura Demetriou said...

Love the tunic, it's a great peice for all seasons so I'm sure you'll be able to mix and match it around.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love everything you purchased! You have amazing taste. :) Those pink shoes are absolutely adorable and that last black dress is GORGEOUS on you!

English Rose ♥ said...

GORGEOUS - I adore that dress!!

Thanks for the lovely comment - sorry for such a late reply!

That will be so cool - I love Cambridge - have you lived there all of your life?

I know about Lily, I don't blame her, she'll have left when I join though. Out of all the famous alumni of Kings she's one of the only ones I was impressed by or had heard of!!

Stay safe and chic darling
English Rose x

daisychain said...

Wow, some amazing finds, I really love the bag and shoes.

Paint it Black said...

I knew that colour would look fab on you. You look cute with your glasses on too. Totally in love with those Faith shoes gorgeous colour xoxo

Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

What lovely items! I have a belt like that in blue from new look YEARS ago haha, its lovely ! :) ♥

Anonymous said...

love the green tunic
and the pink pumps are totally flawless
and great bag, beautiful pieces
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the lovely comments, i really appreciate it


. said...

Lovely dress !! GORGEOUS !


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