New Year. New Start.

New Year. New Start.

This was my outfit from New Years Eve when I went to Innocence Night Club with one of my lovely friends Sarah. It consisted of:
Red New Look Heels - £5
Topshop Body Con Skirt - £25
Next Sale Lace Open Back Top - £13.50
Topshop Red Belt - £10
Topshop Jewellery

I had SUCH a good night out! We had no plans until early that morning, and if it wasn't for my friend Sarah from work then I would have been stuck at home watching the terrible telly that was on! I wanted to dress smart/casual and after my grandma bought this gorgeous lace top from the Next sale, I knew that this would be a perfect for the night. Sarah's friend works for the club, so instead of paying £30 for the V.I.P lounge, we got four tickets for £20 each...this involved free drinks up to 12, which we took great advantage of; and also a private area and bar with seating and dancing!

Here's my friends and I in the club toilets after a few drinks :)

Right, now the year has begun I feel that I should start dressing a bit more ladylike. Not that I dont already, but sometimes I feel as if I am not always wearing things that suit my figure the best; for example, my boyfriend LOVES my figure...big boobs, big bum and love handles...and I dress to hide all that as I dont like it but I think that I should wear clothes that make my curves stand out. But also keep things hidden at other times. I want to be more loyal to friends, work harder and spend money more wisely. After reading lots of peoples blogs and realising that not ALL of my clothes need to be from Topshop and I can infact find clothes and make a day from going to charity shops and jumble sales!

Future Outfit Wishlist
I suppose the style I am looking for is a bit of a classic Chanel look. Although at the same time, I do not mean the 'new chanel' look that has a slight element of conformity to the modern fashion world, but instead my favourite classic look comes from Audrey Tautou in the most recent chanel advert.

Topshop Flute One Shoulder Dress. Price: £45.00.

Topshop Striped Boucle Bolero Jacket. Price: £55.00.
Colour: NAVY BLUE.

Miss Selfridge Black Embellished Jacket. Price:£50.00.
Colour: BLACK.


Emma x said...

Ohh you looked lovely, that lace top is gorgeous. Were you working today? I think i might have seen you, don't want to post what Topshop i was in incase it was you and i don't want anyone to stalk you or anything! x

Emma x said...

LOL ignore that comment, i just realised you're in Cambridge, for some reason i thought you were in Leeds. Theres a girl who looks just like you working there! x

Anonymous said...

gorgeous darling
love it as always
you have a refreshing blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments


Reena Rai said...

Gorgeous! Also loving that Miss Selfridge jacket, yummy

Absolutely Ladylike said...

You look gorgeous dear Pippa! And I love your future outfit wishlist...especially the white dress :-)

Happy New Year! Look so much forward to read your lovely posts in 2010 as well!

Much love: Evi

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Hey Pippa, I created my layout with the Artisteer program (www.artisteer.com)...and used Photoshop for the graphics on my page...Email me if you have more question. You will find my contact info on my page or in my blogger profile :-)

I'm happy you like it by the way, thanks!

Cheers: Evi

Alex Dom said...

chic outfit!

justine said...

love that topshop dress!


Paint it Black said...

Looks like you had a fab night always great to have friends with connections :).
As for my fringe they really are not the easiest things as too much product and it looks greasy and if not dried properly goes frizzy. My hairdresser's advise is not to over blow dry it by using a brush and always start with the fringe first when it is still quite wet.
That is what I do hope it helps

Treacle said...

I've found that guys often appreciate our curves more than we do. My bum's gotten uncomfortably large for my tastes, but my guy can't get enough of it. Funny, yeah?

That embellished jacket is amazing, by the by. Do you plan on buying it?

daisychain said...

Your outfit is incredible

Sher said...

Oh you look so chic and elegant in that beautiful dress!!

And I love your future outfit wishlist, especially the one shouldered grey dress!! It's so pretty:)Go get it!!


Virginia de la Reynares said...

Looks like you had so much fun New Years! Every year, I make plans and they ALWAYS fall through... I'm sure one of these years I'll finally manage to avoid sitting at home alone watching the ball drop!
I love your new years resolutions, they seem like very realistic and smart goals! I too need to get over some body issues =/
Have a happy and healthy new year!!

Becky said...

Love the one shoulder dress! Happy New Year!

Anna said...

Uh, loved the sparkling jacket! :)

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