Panda Me Up Baby :D

Panda Me Up Baby :D

Well as expected, I have yet again another two Topshop purchases :) The sale was marked down today and new items were put in just on time for me to start working! Therefore meaning that as I have a new pay cheque coming in on friday, I can spoil myself :)

Firstly I bought this gorgeous long, bum covering jumper :) Match it with some black leggins and you've got a lazy day but strangely fashionable outfit :) And I got it for £22.50.

There's one thing I need to know about my work place, I work for a Topshop Concession in Debenhams. Therefore meaning that I do not get my full 25% discount, instead I only get a normal 10% discount, to get my full discount I have to go to my Solo store in Cambridge town. The only problem is that our store is lucky in the fact that as we are smaller, we get a smaller more select amount of items through and if we relied on going over to town to get the items we want just to get out discount, then its most likely not going to be there. So sometimes, when sale items have just gone on, you might aswell buy it with just 10% and love it more for the increase in spending :)

Yes my card has infact been CRYING with the amount its been spent over the past few weeks, but its been a very stressful exam filled period and clothes seem to be the only thing to calm me down :)

Secondly I got the White sweater with sequin neckline, detailing on front and back for £18.00. Its so strange, I had been bidding on this on ebay for weeks and constantly got outbid! Until today when it was finalled swapped from Buy It Now to £20 and Under Sale :) Which is cheaper then the amount I would have been spending with the postage.

Now to Tuesday's show calendar.
These are called the Red Patent Mary Jane Pippa's by Te Cesan...

This range is by Natalie Portman and seriously take a look. Its a collection of simple small heeled shoes in block colours and I would love to own a pair :)

Also THANK YOU to the 50 people that are now following me :)


Siru said...

The panda one is super cute, but there something sensuell in the sequin one. love both!

juliet xxx

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

LOVEEEE the new jumpers - amazing! I just won a Topshop gift voucher so will be spending that VERY soon haha :)

by the wayyyy make sure you and Milly are free on the 26th as you'll be getting invites from me for a VIP party organised by me & Aussie (the hair company) in London sooooon! it's going to be incredible, we have so much planned! & lots of freebies! <3

♥ Hannah



tobes said...

i really love the sweaters ^_^ thanks for sharng xox tobes

tobes said...

glad to be a follower of yours :)

Jade Purple Brown said...

those red heels are really cute!

Platform P said...

Hey lovely,

Longtime! Hope you had a great Xmas/Y. Cute jumper, there's a tiger one in Zara with my name on it.

I've started my own blog, come, take a peek and join the family!

PP x


Unknown said...


Paint it Black said...

Fab sale purchases I have not brought anything yet in the Topshop sale it is always so busy and takes up too much time of my hour lunch break I am going to wait for new now I think xoxo

Makeup Kitten said...

Cute jumpers, and those shoes in red are NICE! I'll have to take a closer look at that collection. Thanks!! x

LillianZahra said...

The panda jumper is so cute! And I love those red shoes too...
I've nominated you for an award on my blog :) x

Liv said...

Just started following you too, what a cute panda jumper :)

Milly. said...

It was amazinggg.
Ooo an award :D Where...?


Emma x said...

That panda jumper is so cute! x

Lucy O'Brien said...

Thanks 4 the comment on my blog :)

Oooo these r two jumpers i have wanted 4 ages...can't believe they've gone in the sale!!definatley off to topshop 2moro!


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