Topshop Obsessed :)

Topshop Obsessed :)

Exam today, went pretty well :) So although it kills me to do such small posts, maybe it will be a good thing when I get my results through :)
 Love to all my followers :) Now on 49! Would love more!

Oh no. Mum got me back involved with Ebay and Ive gone and got another dress. Ive told her that if they dont fit then I will let her sell them again under her account, but I'm just REALLY hoping that they look nice! Topshop Electric Blue Tulip Dress Size 10 - £9.99 with £3 postage :) Tried on a pink version when it was being sold and LOVED it so i hope the blue is the same. Therefore meaning that I would have a choice of dresses for my 18th night out and my 18th birthday meal :)

Just wanted to show you quickly something that http://young-shields.blogspot.com/ had on their blog, and totally inspired me to grab everything from the Topshop Collection.

Also PLEASE have a look at English Rose <3's post on the 'plus size' models in the bible that is Vogue. Such a great post and great points :) http://iamanenglishrose.blogspot.com/2010/01/big-girls-you-are-beautiful-mika.html <3


Treacle said...

Thanks for the link to English Rose. I'm off to read it now. So glad people are talking about this.

Audrey Allure said...

great dress! i love topshop <3

Milly. said...

Lol I always download the Topshop podcasts for my Ipod :) Along with the ELLE ones. AND I bought something in the Topshop sale today...I was going to tell you i hate where you work. But because it always sucks me in - I've already picked out 3 things to buy next week...haha.

One issue though - none of the pretty underwear is in my size?!?! :'(

Love that dress. x

daisychain said...

love that dress, do you have a link for the seller?

English Rose ♥ said...

Aww thank you so much for featuring the link, im so honoured

Its so lovely when people enjoy your posts because I really enjoy writing them and feedback from darlings like yourself means the world to me.

Glad the post provoked a response in you =]

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on the previous post dearest, so sorry for the insanely late reply!

Stay safe and chic darling,
English Rose x

Nathalie said...

The dress is really wonderful. Hope you have fun with it

Paint it Black said...

I'm with you I totally want everything from Topshop's collection better start saving now. You most spend most of wages there I would be terrible if I worked there xoxo

Jenny said...

love topshop, the blue dress was really cute


Emma x said...

Ooooo thats such a gorgeous colour, i love ebay so much! x

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