Firstly I LOVE this Nicole Richie shoot from Marie Claire a while ago.
What do you think?
Secondly this week has been a bit of a blur to me. I'm not completely sure why, but I have not been myself 100%. So todays post is going to be VERY random. My mood is changing from really lousy to really happy, and I dont really have a clue why.

I love seeing my friends and having a laugh but often its not as simple as that due to free lessons being at the wrong time. Ive made new friends from new classes this year and its great but I have also faded away from friendships from last year which isnt nice.

Sometimes I just love the feeling of going out and drinking :) HA terrible idea! But just having some mates and going out is so nice when it all goes right. Sometimes it makes you realise who your true friends are.

I have been having discussions with lots of people over the past few weeks about how easy it is to stay in contact with everyone whilst you're at uni. Firstly I have discussed boyfriends and have decided to ignore that until it comes to it to stop the pain. But with friendships its harder, because it is almost expected that they will fade out, especially as people say that 'your true friends are the ones you make at uni'. Now as sad and naive as it sounds, I dont want that to be the case. The little friends I do have mean the world to me and it sometimes brings me down knowing that so much effort is put into a friendship and it could disappear within a few months.

When i'm feeling like this...Songs like The Shins New Slang helps me out :)
My boyfriend says that I have a very 'UK Top 40' playlist for my life but often I like to think outside the box and The Shins are always there :)
Have a listen...

Thirdly, JEGGINS...recently voted one of the top three items of clothing most hated by men and yet most girls love to wear them :) My best friend Lucie just bought this pair of jeggins from topshop in an interesting blue colour which i want badly and I am also buying them for our other best friend for her birthday present next week :) What do you think?? Jeggins turning into a new obsession or will they be out by easter?

Bleach Washed Denim Leggings Price:£22.00 Colour: Denim

Look out for the weekends outfit posts for work and for my night out with my new SALE Topshop black playsuit :) Second night out whilst being 18 and im going to 'watch my drink to learn my limits' - sound like a 50 year old :)


Unknown said...

Don't worry about uni, you'll make loads of new friends and best of all can visit your school mates in loads of new cities!
My boyfriend and I decided to give a long distance relationship a go when we went to uni, we'd been together for four months and we're still together nearly five years later, so they can work!


jasmine said...

I adore Nicole Richie! Yay! And jeggings- hm. I prefer jeans that are just almost jeggings, but only just nearly.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Nicole is gorgeous, especially in these lovely photos. :)

Staying in touch with friends is so much easier now with facebook. It has definitely helped me feel closer to a lot of my old high school and college friends. Some of them who I probably wouldn't even speak to now if not for that site...

A true friend will stick with you forever, facebook or not. Doesn't matter if you met them in grade school or college. :) Just remember that.

I hope your week stays really happy, dear! xoxo

Fashion Wh0re said...

i Think Nicole Richie Looks Great And those Pics nice blog btw ;)

Unknown said...

Nicole looks stunning in those pics. I love her hair.

Uni is a weird time, and you do lose some friendships and gain others, it's strange though as in a few years the ones you lost might try and get back in touch if they are good friends. I went 4 years without seeing my best friend inbetween uni and college years, we are back in touch and it's like no time has passed at all.

I love jeggings, never thought I would. Who cares if men hate them, what do they know!? ;)

X x

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

Aww those pictures of Nicole are beautiful! I'm so happy she's got her life on track and is such a good mum :)

As for the whole Uni thing don't worry sweetie x I've managed to keep in touch with almost all of my friends who have gone to Uni. If they're true friends you'll be fine

♥ Hannah



daisychain said...

my mood has been much the same lately, I hope you feel like yourself again soon x

Cherry said...

I didn't even notice that was Nicole Richie until I read further down your blog! Those leggings look great :)

Unknown said...

right, i loveeeee that photoshoot too- it's gorgeous :)
and good luck with uni, i'd probably feel the same, but i'm sure you'll meet loads of new people to get drunk with haha :D
also yeah i don't go to long haha, i'm just friends with lucy through her old school, i'm still in year 11 :')
and sorry that i haven't accepted you! i'm really hardly ever on facebook these days, but i will asap!

Unknown said...

omg, i didnt recognized her at the first moment!
great picture girl!!!

Beth Ruby said...

Awesome post, I love those Nicole Richie photos I didnt even recognice her!
And yeah good luck with uni too, I am sure everything will turn out great and you will make loads of new friends as everyone else there will be in the same position as you.
Love those jeggings btw :)
And hope you have a fun night out!
Remember to watch your alcohol limits ;)

Anonymous said...

I love this song!
I never knew about jeggings being so hated by the male kind! I adore them.



Anonymous said...

thanks so much for commenting lovely... you sound just like me, as in i am always anxious & my mood swings are so hard to understand! i'm at uni now & i hate to say it, but i have faded apart from so many of the girls i was close to at school... but i've met lots of new, amazing friends too. anyway, love the post, nicole richie is my fave!


Lucy O'Brien said...

Oh my Nicole Richie looks amazing!!..I didn't even know it was her,i had to read your post twice.She looks so healthy,love her hair!


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