Gwen Stefani Autumn/Winter Collection

Gwen Stefani Autumn/Winter Collection

Firstly please take a look at my lovely best friend Shaun's new blog :) Im converting everyone! 

Now i've always loved Gwen, her music and even back in the day when she was not seen as a fashion icon!  So when I heard that her newest collection had just been shown, I had to take a look!

This is my favourite item from the Autumn/Winter collection. Love the layers and the great belts in the middle :) Also the high over the knee boots are gorgeous! Especially with the buckles! :) Hope you like!

Now these shoes below belong to one of my friends from college. She got them from Schuh from a brand called 'Irregular choice' - take a look at their gorgeous collection here...
These are grey with gorgeous little roses on the side, they have stunning detail on the side as you can see below and I am totally jealous!

Here's my outfit from saturday at work:
I began with...Topshop purple long sleeve stretch jersey
then added my new lace insert tiered shell cream top with tights and decided to jazz it up a bit and go with the trend by adding some short black socks with my black pumps...maybe trying to look a little like Hannah Rose from london--rose.blogspot.com me thinks?? :) Of course I got a crazy amount of stares due to everyone else being completely wrapped up with loads of layers as I strolled along like this with a blazer over the top :)

 And finally, I know ive been rubbish this week but Ive been pretty ill and was at the hospital today! But yesterday made me better when my lovely boyfriend cooked me dinner, stayed over and got me this gorgeous Rose :) Although the picture isn't very good, I still love it <3


Danielle Barbe said...

love gwen. and the boots!!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Gwen is one my inspirations and influences artisticly for a while! Love the post! :) http://thickdaddys.blogspot.com/

hewnly said...

Love the boots!!!

Cherry said...

I love those shoes!

Laura Demetriou said...

I love IC. The courtesan shoes are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn... just waiting for the white ones to go on sale!

Tessa Rose said...

Oh I see! Yeah, I'm pretty new to this but it's good fun. :)

Sounds like you had a lovely time with the boy - I'm a teensy bit jealous I have to say! :P

Er..hospital? Hope you're okay - get better soon! xxx

daisychain said...

get well soon love

Emma x said...

I hope you're ok hun xx I love Irregular choice shoes, they are soo quirky xx


Those Irregular Choice shoes are gorgeous! Cute outfit (:

xx, Melissa

sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sarah said...

Hope your okay and this outfit is so cute!! Btw I will gladly reccommend you on my blog and I would appreciate if you did the same for me as well. x]


Great post darling.

Laura said...

God. Hannah didn't exactly invent wearing socks. Don't give her the credit when you thought to put it together and it works perfectly. It was you.

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

Oh my god, the hospital? Hope you're feeling better now gorgeous x

Love your outfit! But Laura, I don't recall claiming to invent wearing socks? I agree with what you're saying but you could've said it in a slightly nicer way?!



Wanderlusting Fool said...

OOO I adore Gwen's line. So awesome! I loved the black and white plaid coat. The girl just to the right in your picture here is wearing it, with the red bag. haha :)

Wanderlusting Fool

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