Money Money Money

Money Money Money

So today, I FINALLY got my uniform :) And if I am completely honest then I will happily say that I love it all :) In the end I got the Ruffle Hem top - £32. Frill Wrap Top - £45. GORGEOUS Hareem pants - £38 which are shown below but they are actually way nicer, they have a thinner crotch and two gold zips on either side of the hips. I LOVE THEM <3 Pictures will come when I wear them. Then as shown below, without my 60% discount I bought the light wash jeggins - £22. 

Now I know this will make all you Topshop fans cry with jealousy, but instead of this collection of 4 items costing £137.00, this actually ended up costing a simple £65.80!!! :)
I got the three main items with 60% off and the blue jeggins for 10% off.

Also take a look at this ASOS dress on this link.
£25 - Perfect for my ASOS gift voucher which I STILL havent spent yet that I won on a blogger giveaway!
Perfect for summer...oui or non?? :)


Ally said...

the grey frill wrap dress is heaven!! I love it, I've got to tell you, your fringe makes me want to chop my hair it's sooo adorable!

<3 Always, Lily


Marta said...

lovely pieces! i like the harems very much and the dress.

Jenn said...

I love the ASOS dress. I say that is a perfect way to spend that gift cert.
The rest of the stuff is adorable. I'm completely jealous of your discount, you lucky girl :)


Sammy-B said...

i really want them smart harem trousers! such good choices!
love the new ook by the way! its gorgeous :) hope you ok darling!

love sammy



daisychain said...

Woo, gorgeous choices! Both topshop and asos.

English Rose ♥ said...

That pink dress with the bow is divine - you have to get it!

Ugh I know - A levels are driving me insane!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Teresa said...

That gray dress is so pretty!


Cherry said...

It really did make me cry with jealousy :(

Paint it Black said...

Yay to harem trousers great outfit choice and the ASOS dress is super cute xoxo

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...


those harems are gorgeous! I saw them in Topshop the other day and fell in love



Claire said...

I made a very unattractive strangled noise. I hate you.

Jennifer said...

the harem pants
just perfect.

Robyn S. said...

Very cute! Definitely jealous of your mad topshop discount and cute finds. I hope you do some outfit shots, esp. after you get this cute dress!


Emma x said...

I amm soo jealous of your discount! I've also been eyeing up that ASOS dress...go on buy it! xx

Anna said...

I am DYING over these items. They are too cute! I wish I had a Topshop nearby :(


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