Bargain Deals :)

Bargain Deals :)

So with my new scheme to try and wear everything already in my cupboard, I pulled out this LOVELY Topshop dress from last summer :) I bought it for £45 for a fancy dinner and my mates suggested I wore it yesterday and it turned out great!! :)

So after the hangover was gone, my mother and I went Charity bargain shopping and to one of my favourite art galleries called 'Kettles Yard' so here's my two new loves for a total of £6!!! £3 each :)

This bag is a darker brown colour then in the picture, and has a PERFECT amount of pockets inside it for all my belongings as seen above! I will be using it for college as I currently have lots of files and sheets to keep safe before stressful exam time.

My second item is a real leather purse for £3 in red. Neither of these items have brands but buying a real red leather purse for £3 was definitely a bargain when in a leather store afterwards, one very similar was £55!

Hope everyone has had a good day. Mine was relaxing then stressful and its ending with some New York Cheesecake :) Love to everyone.

Don't forge to join my (soon to be good) anti bullying blog on www.clashingtime-anti-bullying.blogspot.com <3


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

THat outfit is so flirty & Victoria Beckham...love it...I'm getting better at finding bargins I guess...and if not, I have the whole Summer to do so.

Have a lovely day :)

Sarah said...

Bargainous or what?!
You look stunning in the dress!


Tuesdai Noelle said...

I would call my style ; simple chic - trendy blazer, plain coloured tee (usually earth tone or pastelle colours), denim jeans (ripped, flare, straight, boot cut) and a quirky style shoe...normally like the ones I feature.


Great finds ;D
& I love cheesecake!

xx, Melissa

Kim said...

Those two bags are great, what excellent prices too!!

The dress is great! :D

Emma x said...

Gorgeous dress, it looks lovely on you too. That ourse is such a beautiful shade of red, what a bargain! xx

daisychain said...

I love that dress; it looks stunning on you. And fabulous bargains x

Jenn said...

Aww. I'm so jealous of your finds! I love finding really great stuff at bargain stores. Thrifting is the best :)


Sophie said...

Thank you for my lovely comment! Sweet dress and great finds! xx

Paint it Black said...

Wow great dress I am glad your friend made you drag it out it looks stunning on your xoxo

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

love the dress - and wow SUCH BARGAINS!
i answered the survey you emailed me gorgeous x



Marta said...

the dress is gorgeous - i love such print!

FrankieV said...

Thnx for your comment! :)
Yes! I'm loving the mustard colour bags but can't find the right one anywhere!
The red purse is great!! Even better for the bargain price, makes it so much more exciting!!
(Also will be getting onto blogging an anti-bullying post v soon)
All the best

Platform P said...

You look gorgeous!


Logan said...

Wow,you look great in that dress and I love the purses! I linked your other anti-bullying site in my last post and thanked you for my lovely award. Your a sweetie, I hope you are having a good week! xoxo

Mila said...

wow,love the dress!It suits you great!

Anonymous said...

the red purse rocks!!!

I should get more stuff in that colour, it´s such a cool statement!!
The dress is hot as well and you can really pull it off!!

Followed you back :)

glamour rouge said...

Hi,thanks for your lovely comment! im now following you too :)


Anonymous said...

you're so talented at finding amazing bargains! i wrote a little shoutout to your anti bullying blog in my latest post (: love the dress x

Unknown said...

that dress is so cute x

The Dandizette said...

That is such a lovely dress, I'm really glad you wore it out. I buy tons of dresses etc and always worry I'll look over dressed if I wear them day to day ... but I'm going to make a big effort to wear them out more. By the way I love those bags, anything leather and vintage gets the thumbs up from me.

iliketweet said...

Love the brown bag! Boo to being too far away for the Vintage fair...

What's this about an award my dear?

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