Better Days

Better Days

So as I am feeling this way, I thought I would listen to a good old song that although fits with the emotions I'm feeling, it kinda cheers me up :)
“Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together." — unknown
So today was pretty hard again, no surprise there. 
I went out last night though and had a pretty good night!!
My best friend Sarah decided to take me out and cheer me up :)
I wore:
Next Lace Top
Sarah's Nude Body con Skirt (which i bought off her!!)
Primark black and nude heels
And of course a little black flower :)
I watched an amazing programme today called 
'Jo Frost Extreme Parental Guidance'
She met a girl called Bronwyn...
"Jo also meets eleven-year-old Bronwyn: a girl who hates her appearance so much she is unable to lead a normal life. Bronwyn cries daily about the way she looks and compares herself harshly to celebrities in magazines. She now refuses to leave the house without spending two hours putting on makeup and mum Emma has no idea how to cope."
She wore a full face of makeup out the house everyday and finally was shown that just washing her face is the perfect way to look! I cant believe how insecure some teens are now a days! Times have changed so much since I was 11 and thats not even that long ago!! I really hope that one day in the future I will be able to help the confidence of many young girls go up :)


Charlie said...

thats so sad about that little girl :( and im glad your feeling a bit better! and in regard to the blackberry, they are cute but are the god damn hardest things to use EVER. the buttons are ridiculous it takes me like 20 minutes to type out a message, lolllllllll xx

Kim said...

Also glad to hear you are feeling better. These things are always tough!

Your outfit in this post is lovely. :D

Lia said...

you looked beautifull! the skirt looks great on you!
I love that song, and I'm glad you're feeling better.
Sad story the one of the girl, really shocking...:S
Have a great day;)

☮✿☮ said...

the story about the young girl dosnt suprise me. Its good they touch on those issues because it is scary common. I love your outfit! as i always do :P

Unknown said...

You look beautiful as always!!!

Hope things get better hun. SMILE :)

Relationships are like glass...or humpty-dumpty...it's easier to have it fall apart than put it back together. But if it's worth it...you'll try at least.

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

glad that you are feeling better - and GREAT outfit!!


Jill said...

Cute outfit! I love My Chemical Romance :D

amy said...

you're beautiful

love always :)
hope to hear from you

xo amyy!

LillianZahra said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better :) Your outfit looks great (as always!) x

Paint it Black said...

Hey hun glad you are felling a little better best thing to get dressed up and be with your friends you look goregous in this outfit. Time is a healer keep smiling xoxo

fashion clocked said...

Gorgeous outfit, and such a sad story about the little girl. I always believe everything happens for a reason, although things may seem a little hazy for you right now i hope everything works out. It will certainly help make you stronger <3



Sarah said...

Thank you so much for the blog award! =) Cute outfit.


Unknown said...

You look absolutely stunning! Seriously :) what a lovely little outfit and your hair is gorgeous.

I worked on a recent episode of extreme parental guidance, and as part of the production team the whole experience was a real eye opener for me. Some of the stuff these kids, and the families are going through is really tough :( xx

Tights Lover said...

You look gorgeous here. I hope you are feeling better.

That is a sad story about the little girl. It's things like that that make me worry about how good of a parent I will be...

Emma x said...

Thank you for the award, hope you're ok xx

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