Botox at 15...right or wrong?

Botox at 15...right or wrong?

Hannah, left, and mum Sarah.
This news story came through my door today in the Cambridge Evening News and unsurprisingly this story stood out to me the most. The first sentence states "A TEENAGE girl became Britain's youngest Botox user at the age of just 15 - thanks to injections administered by her own mother." - Now when you see a statement like this, what comes to your mind first...? Disgust? Pity? Ridiculous? Upsetting? These are some of the first words that came to my mind. But after reading the whole story, it actually made me slightly sad. This girl Hannah (now 16), was so upset with her 'wrinkles' on her forehead and around her mouth, that she felt the need to follow after her mother Sarah's footsteps. Sarah, as referred to as 'Human Barbie' in the newspaper, has spent £500.000 on plastic surgery. Who feels so bad about themselves that they have to have botox at such a young age? I know that at 15, I was worried about how I looked, but even with the celebrities and gorgeous people all around me, this thought would have been the last one to come to me and I'm sure to all of my friends as well. Hannah referred to the treatment as 'B' along with the rest of her friends, and they are all jealous of Hannah for her so far 3 injections over a small period of time. Now, I know my friends, and they would never feel so bad that they would resort to this. Like my mum says, there's always a plan B. What do you think...are you in awe of the celebs who have their perfectly straight skin...or are you comfortable with the way you look therefore you wouldn't resort to this? Especially at 15.
For me, I know there is always an alternative.

Talking of self confidence, today was mine and my lovely boyfriend Rupert's one year anniversary. Love Love Love and all that :) Unfortunately, he wasn't here as he was at a University tour day. But even though I wasn't with him, the thought that my lovely boyfriend is still around to tell me he is in love with me more then anyone ever before makes me glow with happiness. Therefore today, in my generally good mood, I thought I would go shopping with my friend Sarah and see what bargains I could make him pay for to make up for him not being there, and trust me...this doesnt happen often :) I finally got around to wearing my Miss Butterfly dress, matched with a Primark long sleeve top and my also Primark old brown thin belt and FINALLY bought some new clear tights!!!

This top is yet again, PRIMARK...£4! I love the shoulders on this as they are rouched and look like they have pads in them. It looks perfect with my newish topshop high waisted skirt. LOVE IT.

This top is from Newlook in their new sale, which I luckily walked into as it was being finished...£8! Love it and WILL be wearing it tomorrow!!

This dress from Newlook, is by FAR my favourite. This was also in the sale for £12 and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was going to be a must have item for my wardrobe this spring/summer. The pink ribbon was mine before but because of my silly sized boobs, I had to buy a 10 instead of an 8 and therefore the material was a bit loose around my waist. But I feel like the colour suits it! Don't you? I could not believe that it was in the sale, as apparently they had only had it in a for about a month but hadn't sold much...which is a surprise considering the nude colours that are definitely 'in' this summer. But some customers complained of an 'odd' sizing, but luckily enough for me...it fit well!

As some of you may remember, I won a blogging ASOS voucher for £25 and I found a perfect way to spend it! ASOS Bow Back Skater Dress for £26! With a £1.95 postage. This dress is the same as the one I posted a few days ago, but realised it came in navy as well, which suits me far better!
What do you think of my purchases?? I'm very happy and don't you worry...there will be more soon no doubt. Oh my poor debit card!!! Thank god I said no to an overdraft :)


Brandi said...

First, I think 15 is way too young for botox, especially when it's not administered by a licensed professional (I am assuming her mother isn't a plastic surgeon). I've seen procedures like that go really wrong (on my mom, for instance). The view Hannah has of herself, I'm sure, has largely been affected by the view her mother has of her own body.
Second, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You two are so cute together and I love all the cute outfits you have on. You have really awesome style.

Goldielocksx said...

15 is wayyy to young! If they let girls have plastic surgery at that age what are they gonna start letting girls that age do next?? Girls at 15 shouldnt be hung up on body image to that extreme!
And happy anniversary hun! =D I hope you had a wonderful one! And you are both gorgeous together ( i thought that from the moment i saw your picture on your blog :)) And you got good taste in clothing too sweetie :) xxx

jasmine said...

15 is way too young for any type of plastic surgery. That is incredibly sad and disgusting! You look adorable, happy anniversary.

Rock Couture said...

Way - Way - Way tooo young!

Makeup Kitten said...

That's crazy! Who has wrinkles at 15?! Stupid mum.

Jo said...

My god 15 is too young for botox, we live in a crazy world. If you're unhappy at 15 are you ever going to be happy?

Anyway your purchase are fantastic, so pretty. I understand the boob problem, tho am sure your bf loves them :)

I sooo want that ASOS dress. Navy sounds like a good option.

Jo x

Laura Demetriou said...

Oh no no no. That poor girl, do people not realise that it's ok to have some wrinkle? Ie, marks on the skin where the muscle moves etc? And at 15 they would be completely natural.

Things are so backward, what happened to being happy with what you've got?

Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

I love all of your clothes! The dress looks really nice with that pink tie :) And I am pretty much against plastic surgery full stop. I don't midn if people want to get it, it's their choice. I think the fact she is 15 is absurd, you're still young and everyone at 15 has body hangups. Surgery isn't the answer! xxxx

Sher said...

15 and already having Botox? What kind of a world do we live in nowadays? It is truly tragic!!

You have so many beautiful things, I'm so so jealous!! I especially want that bow back skater dress from Asos! It's everywhere in the mags I see and I really wanna look for one:)


TMFA said...

SOunds wrong to me.

Jenn said...

Yikes! 15 and botoxed? Who has wrinkles when they're 15? Seriously!


Sammy-B said...

yeah who the hell has wrinkles at that ages????
you look so gorgeous in that floral and ribbon! so stunning!
love sammy

heartshapedbruise. said...

Your story about that 15yr old just makes me too sad & angry, so I'm going to ignore it, & just comment on the clothes!

LOVE your new purchases - trying to work out if that dress is the same one I've ordered from the website (I think it is) - I was surprised to see it in the sale, as I thought it was new stock. I hope mine fits!


julianne. said...

i am INLOVE with that floral dress with the pink belt.
it is sooo gorgoues!
you look great in it!

Anonymous said...

that final dress is lovely on you, both colour and cut-wise really flattering! what a sale scoop :)


Kitty said...

Yes that botox story is so crazy and that new look dress rocks!

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