Clashing Time Anti-Bullying

Clashing Time Anti-Bullying

Right, I have decided that I am sick of some horrible people making rude comments on my blog and on some other people's blogs that I follow.

So therefore I have made a new blog called http://clashingtime-anti-bullying.blogspot.com/. PLEASE follow it and show your support. Also take the logo link on the page and put it on your page to add to the support.

It is a blog made for bloggers to comment on and tell their stories, and then every so often I will do a post to explain to everyone a particular story after interviewing them. I got these comments below posted on my blog yesterday and they really hurt me, so this is the beginning of it all and also an example of what people can be like, Hopefully you can realise from the below, how upset I got and how much they hurt a large amount of people for just simply doing something they love.

ALSO...to EVERY blogger out there, if you are feeling generous, then I would love you if you did a small post on this idea/link so that we ALL really can get awareness out there to all! And make sure that the self confidence of every blogger is growing rather then not. Please comment below if you will be doing this so that I can put your blogs on the website advertising your blogs also. Win win situation.

Pete: a penny for... shut the fuk up?
10 Mar 10, 11:37 PM
dan: felix that is not funny... its hilarious
10 Mar 10, 11:36 PM
Felix: i think it would be funny if you put some ugly fat pictures up... oh wait...
10 Mar 10, 11:35 PM
Felix: never seen so much sh it in my life
10 Mar 10, 11:35 PM
Felix: your a joke
10 Mar 10, 11:34 PM
Felix: i think it is ****ing hilarious


Sammy-B said...

this is SUCH a good idea gorgeous im so following this. im sick of these anons just clogging up our pages with there spitful comments! mid if i take that logo and put it in my post tomorrow? i truly admire you :)
love sammy

Logan said...

What a lovely idea. I know sammykins had the same thing posted about people making awful comments, and I'll just say what I said to her. These people are just victims of their own self loathing...laugh it off. Its sad and pathetic. If you don't like it..don't read it! I however, enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the great work and forget about them! I also will check out this new site. Its a great idea.

apparellel said...

this is a great idea. i have had some really mean comments too and it really hurts. i'm sorry you had to go through that. you look so great in those pics yesterday. gorgeous!!


Ruefle said...

Great idea. You are really starting something.

pip a la chic said...

I can't believe how rude they are? I haven't YET been bullied yet but it's def not nice.!

Unknown said...

Wow I am really impressed with this idea but bewildered at the same time! I never knew there is bullying on blogs! I have never seen it especially amongst the fashion community. Perhaps I am blind? Anyway... it's time people grow up.

Overlooking Mississippi said...

Great Idea...you know one thing you can do is changing the setting where you have to approve every message to post it..

It's the best way to shut them up :)

Miri said...

Such a great idea! I'm defiantly following, I'm glad I haven't had any comments like that, but I have seen them on other peoples and its just so stupid and hurtful.

Romany said...

Oh my god. Those comments - who does that guy think he is?? Hope you're alright, sweetie, just know that he's an asshole.
p.s. I rarely ever check the comments on the 16 Diaries, I discontinued it a few months ago, come to 'the robins' instead. :)

Ulrika said...

I´m getting so tired of people leaving rude comments on blogs, I just don´t understand it?!If they don´t like the blog, why visit it, no one is forcing them to visit our blogs, I just don´t see the point of it! I´m putting the logo link on my blog and will also blog about it!Don´t let those comments put you down hun!xxx

Jo said...

Oh my god, why waste your time reading blogs just to be rude and offensive to people. Grow up and get a life! I know I sound like a mum but NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO READ IT! If you come a cross a blog and it's not for you don't read it again.

Also honey you are gorge and if you = fat then god help the rest of us.

Keep up the good work.

Jo x

Siru said...

Darling, you must not listen to them! You mustn't care about mean comments, delete them simply and forget.

juliet xxx

daisychain said...

what a seriously wonderful idea x

Ally said...

Pippa, you are an inspiration hun! you are such an amazing girl and i love your blog,

There is simply no place for bullying on fashion blogs, so proud u for standing up !

<3 always Lily

Sammy-B said...

hey gorgeous, just to let you know the giveaway is up and i have done a post on the anti bullying i think its an amazing idea! come see it :) hope you ok love sammy

hewnly said...

very good idea ;>

Daniella said...

amazing!!! such a lovely idea.

Unknown said...

aw this is a cute idea :)
i've just learned to disable anon comments, but i salute you, i'll be following!

Kim said...

Great idea!

Cherry said...

What pointless comments they left! This is such a great idea, congrats.


Love your blog!

Very creative :)


Nina said...

I can so relate ... I have one particular "anonymous" blogger who really sends me nasty comments ... I know this person knows me personally ... I guess she can't bash me to my face.

So glad I found your site ... why do people do that?!

Sammi said...

I'm SOOO SORRY. I had major issues after people started bullying my blog. I mean, seriously. Is it necessary? I think I'm beautiful so you can just shut the f*** up.

Rory Clinton Gascoigne said...

Where did they leave the comments? on you little side thing? This doesn't sit well with me. Unfortunately the internet is full of pathetic people like this who have nothing better to do with there lives than try to make themselves feel big by putting others down.

When my friend died 2 different facebook pages were closed down because of the amount of people writing sick comments on them.

mel said...

its so amazing that you're doing this:)

Anonymous said...

i´ll check it:)
i also hate these people:/

The Owl Diary said...

spectacular idea!
rude comments = not cool. xx

Brandi said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing some cyber bullying. So sad. Well, I want to spread some love and tell you that you're fantastic! I'm glad you're channeling their negative energy toward a positive project.

Carlito86 said...

I can't believe you have had such horrible comments :(


iris said...

this is a great idea :) I'm joining it now.
xx from spain!

Anonymous said...

Hey pipa!

I've done a post about the bullying on my blog!



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