I walked past Emporio Armani whilst in London at the weekend and in the window (as seen below), there was a display of various women's outfits all based around a certain design. SPOTS. Now I know I sound stupid, but as I am not ever buying designer clothes, I did not realise how much high streets brands simply copy the ideas and looks from designers. I know, I know...people will be screaming whilst listening to this, but I stupidly thought that things would be different by for example having the high street brand made to bring out the similar collection a while behind, where as this display seemed fairly new. Obviously my opinion is fairly insignificant, but even if I did have the money to afford these designer clothes...If the same style jumper from a high street brand looked nice then why not just get that? :) Especially if you are capable of jazzing it up in your own special and unique way!!
Anyway take a look at the Topshop Jumper below
and tell me what you think!!

Things have continued to be a bit sucky this week obviously because of the break up situation. But I decided today, that I am not going to let myself be upset about this. Life moves on, and so can I! So any little motivational comments or quotes - ooo quotes especially would be great :)


♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...


Just been catching up on my blogs and seen your pics onthis page and a page back... you look so fab girl!

love your outfits the skirt you bought from you friends looks great on you.. hope you managed to enjoy ( gather from your latest post what happend) chin up you look great even though you might not feet at :(

thanks for your comments as always

peace n love to ya xx

Charly said...

Do lots of things that make you happy, like with your friends parents anything else and it'll remind you of all the good things in life :) Just something thats helped me after break ups, if you really appreciate evrything else you've got! and totally agree with the copying thing tooo,



MsHark said...
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MsHark said...

I deleted my previous post because I made a typo! hah.
I'm sorry about your break up!! life moves on and there are only better things in store for you!

I love quotes from sex & the city, there are a few good break up quotes.

I also agree with you in this post, money can't buy style!


Elaine said...

Wha!!! That is so cute. I love it!!!

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☮✿☮ said...

only buy something that expensive if its a timeless peice and you are willing to part with that much money. I am totally down with cheaper online botique's. They just seem to get me better :P

julianne. said...

you have the lovely blog my dear! i love it.
and i loooveee emporio armani. they have some amazzing stuff.
i love that jumper. <3

Helga said...

It just filters down,doesn't it!!If I like what is current,I just wait until it is no longer current,but it secondhand and then put my spin on it!!But yeah,why pay all that money for a designer garment that is likely made in the same Chinese factory as the Top Shop one??

Paint it Black said...

Years ago I used to buy a lot of designer clothes and then I brought a house and found the high street so now what I do I look at the designers and then find my copies on the high street this has served me well for the past 5 years I also think it is more creative. xoxo

Great post

hewnly said...

love the jumper ;>

Charlie said...

the topshop jumper is actually nicer lol

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Unknown said...

I had a read through your blog and I'm so sorry to hear of your situation. No quotes spring to mind but just by just reading posts from you I can see your such a strong person! Before I even read of your situation I though that... I don't even know you but somehow I know you are so going to be fine!


Your blog is just fantastic! And you my dear are just too gorgeous for words ;)


daisychain said...

just wanted to send love x

Emily said...

Love the yop. So cute. :) Love your blog too!

Tights Lover said...

Love the jumper!

Don't have any motivational quotes for you other than each day things will get a little better until you feel good again! Hope you're doing well!

Danielle Barbe said...

thank you, girl! that's so nice to hear.

i'm with you.. i say go with the cheaper version unless it's something you really REALLY must have and truly love. the topshop jumper is great - i'm a huge topshop fan! that's what i wear for the majority of my photo shoots and video.

sorry to hear about your break up. but alas, life does go on! ;)

Anonymous said...

i say go with the cheaper version too. i actually like most of the cheaper versions better, not because of the price, but i think most of them look nicer. maybe i'm the only one!

i just tagged you in my latest post (:

English Rose ♥ said...

Sending you virtual love =]

I have something that will cheer you up - you won! Nothing beats a breakup like a bit of music therapy

You'll be okay darling, I promise

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Glam Girl said...

Nice pictures! I love that dota blouse

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