Finally using my lovely dress...

Finally using my lovely dress...

In these pictures you can sort of see the lovely dress :)
I matched it how I did in my posts a while back wit the pink ribbon and some cream heels...very summery! Everyone was saying how lovely it looked and I felt very happy in it :) Since my clear out, I decided that I really need to start wearing ALL my clothes, so i thought I would start with the items I have never worn out! Hope you like it!!

Also...I'm all for UGG boots, but the problem is that I definitely do not have the money for real ones and even if I did have real ones then I wouldn't wear them enough for it to be worth it. So on a cold day last week, whilst walking through Tesco's, I saw these non fake but not branded Ugg boots for £5! And although I haven't worn them everyday, the days in which I have...lets just say my feet have been very warm :)

Join this website and you do seriously learn a lot. http://www.stopcyberbullying.org/index2.html
One step closer to stopping Cyber bullying!

Also PLEASE ALL join my anti bullying blog on - www.clashingtime-anti-bullying.blogspot.com <3


iliketweet said...

That IS a lovely dress :)

Good luck with your campaign too.



Anonymous said...

WOW! Your dress is fantastic!




Rock Couture said...

The dress is lovely on you!

Christine said...

Beautiful dress! I am planning on following your other blog as well =)

Logan said...

You look SO beautiful! That dress is soooo lovely and reminds me of warm weather. Ahhh..so pretty! Also..thanks for your new blog. I followed and appreciate so much you doing that. I had a bullying incident last night in person and online, and its nice to have a place for support. I am going to do a blog post on it very soon and link your site, so I will let you know when I do that. xoxo

Shannon Marie said...

Beautiful dress(:

I V Y said...

that is one beautiful dress!

Miri said...

What a stunning dress! I love uggs/ugg-like-boots too, so lovely and warm for winter =)

Paint it Black said...

Hey hun just read your two posts I will defo support. Well done for publishing those stupid comments on a post shows you are bigger than that prat he probably is some ugly little cyber loser who would not know how to chat a girl up and takes his frustrations out on a beautiful girl like you who he knows he will never be able to have xoxo
Makes me so angry :(

LillianZahra said...

Your dress looks great - love the hair flower too.
Good luck with your anti-bullying campaign, it's awful how some people are using blogs to put others down and boost their own pitiful self-esteem.
Keep up the fab blogging - those people really are in a tiny minority of what I think is a really lovely and supportive community. x

Cherry said...

Really nice dress!

fashion clocked said...

So glad i found clashingtime- i have posted a comment on your other blog.
I was shocked to read the comments- don't let them upset you- be flattered that you even caused a reaction in the writers tiny mind.

Keep up the blog.xx- im now following



Glam Girl said...

U look so pretty! I love UGG ( I have a pair like that brown also)! U have a great blog!


hewnly said...

amazing dress, look very cute!

Charlie said...

i actually really like ugg boots, especially as where i am its so damn cold all the time they are so comfy and warm! i have real ones but i see nothing wrong with fake ones, although loads of people say its just chavvy, but with the right outfit i think they look fine!



daisychain said...

that dress is so gorgeous, especially on you x


What a cute dress <3
It reminds me of a blog layout I used to use from shabbyblogs.com
Hehe (:

xx, Melissa

Paint it Black said...

Hi Pippa I dont think I told you yet but there is an award for you on my blog I posted it a couple of days ago xoxo

Carol said...

Up the flowers dresses!!



Shaun Kaba said...

n'awwwwwwww them pictures are well from my house! fun night! and loved the dress! xxxx

☮✿☮ said...

your adorable :P ill follow you back
oh and i love love love that dress :-)

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