My card is crying...

My card is crying...

This photo officially shows that my spending has gone crazy!
This is the collection of things that I have bought over the past 2 DAYS! Yes fair enough, the first 4 to the left came with discount, but I still feel that my card should be taken away.

I went to a store that was closing down today called 'D2' and picked up this cute little blouse for £3 and although its in two sizes to big for me, once its on with a waist belt it looks cute. Added with a simple cardigan or blazer and jeans.

Now as many of you may know, I work for Topshop but it is a concession within Debenhams Department Store, so therefore I also get to take advantage of 10% off of their stock...Over the past few weeks there has been a 'buy one get one free' sale offer going on and I have never had the time to look, and on my day off when I needed to pop in anyway,
I thought I would look!

This top was priced at £12.50 and I love it because of the embellishment on the shoulders and the puffed out shoulder pads in the sleeves of the shoulders. I also thought that the low V of the top was quite interesting, and I am going to wear this out tomorrow night with a black bodycon skirt :)
Pictures will come!

So as the deal says, I must get one free...
And this is wear the fun comes in...When I tried it on when I got back...it did not suit me at all! I dont think red is my colour...
If anyone wants to have this size 10 + Redherring for Debenhams top, originally priced at £22, and obviously I got it free...then simply tell me why you think you deserve to win, become a follower if you aren't already and I will pick a winner this time next week. Now I know this isn't particularly interesting to everyone but I dont see the point in this top just being left unworn! Im sure someone will be able to find it a lovely home :) And also I will add in some other goodies that I will pick up in the shops no doubt this week :)

The top is slightly rouched at the bottom as you can see in the picture to the left, and has a round neck line of embellishment. Hope you all like :)
So that you all know, I will be posting the same comment on everyone's blogs to tell them about the giveaway, Its not that I dont love each and everyone of you, but I want this top to have a good home :) And also I dont want to be a hypocrite as I dont like the same comments being posted around of everyones blogs! And I must apologise for my crap commenting on peoples blogs and replying to people. I had a pretty perfect and relaxing weekend and I really needed it so I assure you, I will reply!


H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

I loveeeee that top!
I think I deserve to win because...

1) I hardly have ANY colour in my wardobe so this would be a much needed addition!
2) I love embellished necklines but don't actually own any, which is very sad...
3) Red is one of the few colours that actually suits me
4) I've had a really crappy month and have even dislocated & fractured my knee! I deserve a treat haha
5) I'm too skint to afford my bills, let alone go shopping for lovely tops like this. My wardrobe is in desperate need of new clothes! & this would make up for all the stress I've been under
6) Because you love me?!!
7) quite simply, because I love it, would wear it on my blog with pride (I already have lots of ideas of how I'd style it), and would give it a very loving home!

The vintage fair on the 6th sounds really good! I'll try my very best to be there :) most likely will be! If I can just persuade my mum to lend me a littleeeee more money.... x



Sammy-B said...

aaa just got your comment and of course i will enter lol!! this is an awesome give away and i LOVE this top!!
hummmm reasons why i should win thi...i kind of feel bad doing this as i dont think i deserve this as much as im not as good or talented as the other bloggers! But my reason is that i had a rubbish birthday, and being a student i hardly got any presnets from my friends :( the only ones i got were from my boyfriend and the rest was money... im not complaining but it would be like a really cool extra birthday present!!!!

also im 20 and old.... HA
lots of love and hope your ok darling! Thank you for the lovely comment! made me smile lots!

Natalie said...

Adorable blog! I look ridiculous in red, but I hope it gets a good home too.

Now following you, look out...

x http://www.lemon-butter.blogspot.com

Rock Couture said...

Love your blog... Im following you now :)

Love the white tank on the left in the first pic... Gorgeous

julianne. said...

youre blog is great.
i love that purple top.

uhm well i dont really know what to say caus i dont really like boastingabout myself butttt, i think i could give this top a great home. i havent been able to go shopping for such a long time since i have a stomach disorder called gastroparesis. it makes me severely nauseous and throw up every day. so i have to stay home from school and rarely get out. not to be a pitty downer, ijust havent been able to get out and shop so i am dyying for new things.
i also live in america so i dont get the chance to shop at places like the ones you bought these clothes, so it would be super cool to get something from a a different country. i just really love that top!

itd be really awesome to win.
thanks for the opportunity.

Robyn S. said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I love it because now I've found YOUR blog, which is adorable. This is a great giveaway!

Hmm... why I should win the fabulous red top:

1. I love red- it's SUCH a power color- and I don't own nearly enough of it in my wardrobe.
2. I'm a college student who ALSO happens to be chronically ill... even though I'm only taking two classes, I have to rest so damn much that I can't get a job, so I'm BROKE girl... plus my dad keeps a close, close eye on any money flow I do have, so I don't get to shop much anymore.
3. I will pair it with black shorts and skirts and tights and jeans and you can come visit this cute little blouse on my blog, so it will be kind of like it never left you.

That's all I got. You have a hard choice ahead of you! Good luck!


apparellel said...

let's see the reason i should win is because i am obsessed with red and i will make it look fabulous. no seriously i think one of the sick people should win. i have chronic fatigue syndrome so i know what sickness is like, but i get a long. it should go to someone who truly deserves it. maybe juicy--anyone that has to vomit every day has my vote. good god, poor girl! thanks for the giveaway you are sweet!


Miri said...

I am following!

I think I should win this because it would be perfect to add some colour to my autumn/winter wardrobe, sure it looks very summery but with some layers and maybe a belt it would look smashing =)

I'm glad you had a good weekend =)

u-ka said...

Hey girl,
Thanks for inviting me, but I think I can drown myself in that blouse.. But I really like it and wish goodluck for others!

See you around!


Maxie said...

i definitely deserve to win because:

I have only one red piece in my closet: a dress. It's the piece I always get the most compliments about!! So another red top would be sweet!!

You work @ topshop?? This sounds like working in heaven?

x La fille from Belgium

Goldielocksx said...

great blog hun and great clothes! :D im following you now =D xxx

Anonymous said...

great clothes:)

i´m following you now <3

Rory Clinton Gascoigne said...

I love the giveaway idea Pip, very good, your follower numbers are also rapidly rising. most of these people are saying they have just started following you, i need to pick up the pace.

also the reason i should have it is because you would love to see me in it at college.

Anonymous said...

it's gorgeoussssss
i'll enter tomorrow, i'm too busy revising to enter today haha
thankyou for the lovely comment :)

Jen said...

Great buys! I love the cute red blouse.

Jenn said...

I should win and here is why:
. I was a follower long before there was some kind of reward being offered. I genuinely love reading what you have to say.
. Red IS my color.
. College is eating away at my spending money. Booooo.

Anonymous said...

haha oh dear! poor card, but its okay
what you got was so cute!
as always, thanks for sharing
and thank you so so much for the lovely comments


Isabelle † said...

i would love to win this getaway but i'm afraid i can't...
i'm form Chile (south america)
So i think i would be like so difficult for those beautiful tops to arrive where i am :)
But anyways, i looooooooove your blog

thanks for your comment!

Platform P said...

I love it, but actually it's a size too big so entering would just be being greedy, lol.

So sweet of you to give it away.


Isabelle † said...

Hey! first of all thank u so much for this amazing opportunity!
following u now ;)
i have the most true,fair and valid answer!
i'm from Chile! and here in chile they don't have topshop :( (or any store that brings topshop stuff)
all the girls that wrote above me Live maybe in US or Uk and where there live there are topshop or at least stores that bring the brand... as well as in all the rest of Europe.
i think Chile is one of the exceptions! and i'm like dying to have sth topshop, i just went to London once and there i could get some topshop stuff....
And right know i can't go to the mall because as you've heard chile just have a terrible earthquake (8,8 earthquake) so most part of my closet is gone :( (seriously) and well of course all the stores are closed because they are all in very bad conditions :(!
And i just need some new stuff, and i loooove this stuff!
i think if u give it 2 me it would be a good way to help chile :)!!
so please please!
also i love your bloggg!
and i can make u free publicity whenever u want! +links ;)
Love from chile!

tonia fashion tour said...

hey awesome blog!!!!
i just follow you!!!
great giveaway!!!


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