New Discarded Shoot

New Discarded Shoot

This is the photo-shoot I modeled for my friend Caitlin's 'Discarded' photography project. Some bloggers commented saying that in the last shoot I didn't look 'rough' enough, so for the second stage of the shoot, we thought we would take it more to the extreme - old charity shop clothes (which I turned out to like in the end), old boots, back combed hair and a sign asking for money. In a way the shoot turned out better then the last because the sky was very dark this day, which went along with the atmosphere intended. There are a lot of pictures so be aware but just wondering what do you think?

Also I have a little bit of a rant...I have this 139 followers, but a LARGE majority of them dont ever comment on here, which obviously I do not mind about, but because of the settings they have, it means that I cant check out their blogs which I REALLY want to do. If you are following me and have private settings then PLEASE change it. Because I do not want to be known as one of those bloggers that never bothers with their followers! Trust me I do try!!! But its the same the other way round! Thank you, my rant is over :)


Rory Clinton Gascoigne said...

mad skills Pip, you damn photogenic so and so.

Rock Couture said...

Very pretty!

fashionjunkie said...

Great pictures - you have such a pretty face!


pip a la chic said...

There's not much you can do about the private blogger thing. I have a few people that follow me privately and never comment or I follow some other peoples blogs and they don't follow me back or comment and so and so on. It's just the way it goes really.

Tessies Hearts said...

I know it's ridiculous, but can't be that difficult to tie some rope into knots and make one?? We'll see!

I know about the privacy thing, annoying cos I've tried to nose at lots of my followers before and couldn't.

Lots of them pics are really lovely :-)
and I love them pink loafers from another post - yum!

Woah, long comment!

nicola xx

K. said...

gorgeous photo! Loving the sweater, and boots. Nice work :)

Paint it Black said...

I liked the idea of the glam bag lady in the first shoot. These pictures are more raw and you look goregous lol that you fell in love with the clothes I need to get myself to a charity shop xoxo

ps the shorts are £90

Paint it Black said...

I liked the idea of the glam bag lady in the first shoot. These pictures are more raw and you look goregous lol that you fell in love with the clothes I need to get myself to a charity shop xoxo

ps the shorts are £90

Anonymous said...

Great pictures

thanks for the blog comments!
would you like to follow/link each other?
www.ciaraspeaceloveandstyle.blogspot.com <3

daisychain said...

both sets of photos are gorgeous, but this second lot def has a more earthy feel to them. you are so pretty :)

Kaitherine Chang said...

I love these pictures!!


perfectionishuman said...

Gahhh I like that jumper :(

FashionJazz said...

Luv them both! Hope ur having a good wk! xxx

Sammy-B said...

your photography is so good, the pics are so clear and you always have awesome ideas!! and dw i have just has a HUGE rant on my blog lol! also im doing a blog give away so come enter! love sammy

Sammy-B said...

just got your comment about my rant!! ha ha glad you liked it! i was SO nervous about doing it becuase i wasnt sure if people would hate it and i would encourgae the anons! :) your entered!! hope you winn :)
love sammy

Fashion Insanity said...

Beautiful pictures!! Love your hair!

Gorgeous Glam said...

Great pics! xoxo

Unknown said...

Love the photos!
Great blog! Full of inspiring images!
I'm now following you! Hope you can follow me back :)


Sarah Whitney said...

These shots are fantastic! I liked your last spread but I agree this one has a bit of a more authentic look.

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

I love love love this shoot! You look so gorgeous, a little rougher around the edges than your usual style and it really suits you! Your friend is v talented.

However, I don't link the ones on the bench/bridge so much as they look a little too posed and fake. The others are so soft and 'real', and show loads of emotion



A Gluten Freestyle said...

Gorgeous photsos, especially the close ups. (And that jumper is awesome!)

MEL▲NIE said...

i adore these pictures and your hair :)


The F Word Online said...

honestly, i dont know if you ever get this, but you have killer eyes ! you look stunning

xx lue

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