Ebay Love & Happiness

Ebay Love & Happiness

Firstly take a look at my friend Catilin's blog...http://caitlinn-xo.blogspot.com/ 
- at the moment she's just starting, 
but she is the amazing photographer who 
has done my shoots in the past!! :)

Here is a picture of my new EBAY buy...yes thats right, Topshop girl not so much anymore...I am in saving mode for University and summer holidays so trying to be as good as possible with spending! This GORGEOUS red Topshop second hand top was only £6 for the top and delivery and still in amazing condition. I wore it today with a simple pair of 'Baxter' Topshop jeans and a cream h&m cardigan. I would have LOVED to have shown you my happy spring/summer outfit but it suddenly began to rain terribly as I was cycling home and as soon as I got back, all my clothes had to be taken off and put on the radiator! I was absolutely soaked...bad times! But still LOVING Ebay at the moment!
I suppose in a way I am becoming better with money because I just had to pay out an arm and a leg for my lovely lovely boyfriend's 18th Birthday presents, but in my head, its completely worth it. Especially after the massive grin he had on his face after receiving the Lyle and Scott Navy jumper he knew he was getting from the website, then a second surprise one in black Marino wool both from the 'Club Vintage' section. His smile lit up the room and he looked like a proud little boy as we walked to the pub and he looked down at his new clothes and said to me ' Isn't it nice...ooo i love you' :) Awwww.

So anyway, my question to you today is...what is either the best present you feel you have given to a boyfriend or loved guy friend? Or what is the best present you have ever got from them??

Because sometimes I feel like the best present of all is him.


Rock Couture said...

The best present I ever gave a guy was me :))

bowsnhearts said...

The red top is gorgeous! I haven't bought much from Ebay lately...I have too many problems with sizing issues.

It's so sweet of you to buy something for your bf which he really loves! My bf is not so much into clothes and fashion as he's into games and technology. If I buy him clothes, he will be like...uh..ok. Haha!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey :)

Real cute top :) And I'm single, but the last gift I gave to a guy (friend) a teddy bear...he was CHEESING :)

☮✿☮ said...

I love that top! the fabric looks like it would feel nice on the skin. Hrmm i would have to say the nicest gift any guy ever got me was my ex and he bought me a very very expensive gold, saphire, and diamond ring for x-mas. It was one out of a few he saw me looking at :-). later after we broke up i gave it to my mother because she loved it and i couldnt stand looking at it any longer. The nicest gift i ever gave to a guy was my debit card...to buy a few hundred dollars worth of crap online for his b-day. ^___^

FashionJazz said...

Wow luv this!! xx

Charly said...

That is a very good present, I wish my boyfriend appreciated clothes more it would make shopping for his presents sooo much more fun for me! But think best present I got him would be the vinyl of the song that was number one when he was born that I found for £2 in a charity shop!



Fashion Insanity said...

Nice ebay buy!

Anonymous said...

i just across,but i love your blog!

Charlie said...

snaps just for MENTIONING eBay lol im so obsessed! mostly i do really well buying new topshop clothes at dirt cheap prices because i think the sellers get it from a factory or something?
and to answer your question this sounds really pikey but i used to always buy my ex clothes from primark for xmas LOL theyre actually quite nice!

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Cherry said...

I am constantly scouring eBay for second hand Topshop pieces, it's great!

Anonymous said...

cute top!

Emma x said...

Aww such a sweet post. The best present i ever gave a bf was a rare CD by a band we went to see together, it was really hard to get hold of but worth it when i saw his face light up :)

daisychain said...

gorgeous top <3

did you say you e-mailed me? I've not recieved anything x

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