Sunday Smiles

Sunday Smiles

Today I went to London! 
Yes thats right, I ventured out of the peaceful world that is Cambridge!!
I went with my mother and my grannie and had a lovely day out. :)
Exactly what I needed really after such a stressful week!
Although as you all may be expecting, this wasn't for retail therapy! :)
Instead it was for some inspiration for my art project,
so we went to some galleries.
After all this and a yummy lunch, we were walking around randomly and came across 'Christie's' auction house. I got more inspiration from the work being sold here then any of the galleries put together! I saw some gorgeous work by two artists called Ralph Rumney and Theodore Major! 
Take a look if you are interested!

So onto todays purchases :)

What do you think?? These were not actually bought today, but instead yesterday at a jumble sale that my mother went to. She picked up these BEAUTS from Clarks for £1!! Now I'm not usually the type to wear workers fashion boots like these, but for one pound, I thought WHY NOT?? :)
Hopefully an outfit post with these in them will be shown soon. 
So in the mean time, what do you think would go well with them??

I also went against my shopping ban and found Topshop :/
I bought the old style of the lace vest scallop body as shown on the website HERE. I got the inspiration for buying this from my Friend Holly, who decided to wear a nude bra underneath and although some people commented on her looking like she possibly had no nipples, I still admired her attempt! So I decided to try it too :) Hopefully a night out will need this soon!!

Then I went to the Oasis sale and got this cute top for £15...although may take it back because I'm not sure! Darkened the second picture so that you can see the detail of ruched lines down the front. 

Also I know I have been a bit of a rubbish/selfish blogger recently, not really replying to comments or questions asked. But I promise, the support you all have given me has helped loads and I PROMISE I will be back on track as soon as possible :) Also Clashing Time Anti Bullying Blog WILL be brought back to life soon, I just very much need some case stories to show the world the pain and suffering that people get because of bullying!!


Charlie said...

yayy i love cambridge! such a gorgeous city, havent been there in ages tho :( and i love the black bodice!

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Unknown said...

Wow, great purchases :) Looks like you had an eventuful wee day! I cant remember if I replied to your comment lovely, sorry. I got to work on supernanny because I do theatre production but over the past year or so Ive been getting into more tv/film production stuff, and jobs like that are a way of earning some pocket money and valuable experience in the industry while Im still at uni :) xx

Nadia said...

i am soo in love with lace! love it!

Unknown said...

Haha aw nooo lady dont be silly! I think the tech course at Rada is pretty similar, Ive never really looked into it though. I go to the royal scottish academy of music and drama (in glasgow) and my course is called technical and production arts! been the quickest three years of my life, honestly. Thats cool youre doing business though :) Are you enjoying it? xx

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

i love the boots, what a great bargain! thank-you for following my new blog. i shall be following yours, i'm looking forward to your future posts :)

love, jazzabelle.

daisychain said...

holy crap those boots! such a steal!

Romany said...

Haha I love it when people go against their shopping bans - it's good for the economy at least, haha. ;)
Hope you have a good week, Pippa!

Vix said...

Great boots, love! You should definately keep that pretty Oasis top, khaki looks fab with blonde hair!

Julie said...

Haha there's nothing better than finding a great bargain x)
I'd probably change the laces though to thicker ones, as they look quite hard and thin?

I really like the lace body, it can be worn in sooo many different ways so you'll definitely wear it a lot I think ;p


Emma x said...

Wooo fab boots, i have some similar but they are unworn at the moment, i'm thinking to wearing them with leggings and a simple dress x

Claire said...

lovely lovely lovely. i'm definitly digging the lace. x

Platform P said...

Wait. Wait a second... you went to London and we didn't meet up??

Get out gypsy!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :)
I just get my photos printed out at Boots or another photo developing store. The more you print off, the cheaper it is per print, so I usually save up quite a few and get them all done at the same time.
Hope that helps!
Lovely blog :) I like the lacey dress. Be sure to post some pics when you wear it out :)

Serina Paris said...

Love the boots and the leotard, I so badly want to go to London!

Helga said...

Nice shopping,Pippa!!Thanks for visiting my blog,and esp for your lovely comments!Am following now,and will do a link!!!:)
(would love it if you did the same!)

Anonymous said...

loving that last shirt
gorgeous, great photos
thanks for sharing darling
and thanks for the sweet comments, means so much!


ray said...

lucky u :)

Unknown said...

SOSOSOSOSO lucky with those shoes!
wear them, or i will run to your house and steal them for myself.

nooo, i post for them, just once a week(ish)

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