All drawn to a close

All drawn to a close

Before I tell you about the meaning of my title,
 I thought I would do a quick outfit post to show you
 my favourite outfit from my past few nights out, that I wore last night.
I wore a layered look because I don't like lace with just a bra underneath.
And admittedly, my whole outfit consisted of all Topshop.
Who doesn't love to say that :)

Now I can get onto telling you about the title of this post - 'All drawn to a close'.
My experience with blogging has been an amazing and exciting one. But I have also had my fair share of bad times. I have received a large amount of harsh and hurtful comments, online and off. I recently found out that my blog has been a topic of many discussions from the local colleges around me, but not in a good way. People feeling the need to show it to others to make each other laugh. It sounds silly that I am someone who is admitting to the upset of bullying when I am the owner of an anti bullying website; but these comments where taken a bit too far. I got some death threats and very personal emails sent to me and also some comments made over facebook from groups of people to take the mickey out of my blog. I have been told by my friends and family that this is just because these people are 'jealous' or 'bored' but I feel differently. I feel like I am obviously someone that is easily targeted for 'bullying' or unfair comments because I am putting myself out there with having a public online blog. Although, the way that I see it is that I do not make people view my blog, they choose to do it. So the comments and harshness should be limited surely? As I feel that I would never do the same if it was someone else. I don't know. Well after today, I will be taking a break from blogging until I feel like I can come back. So thank you to all of you for your great support and I will try my hardest to get back to you. Especially as I'm at almost 200 followers!!!
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fashion clocked said...

so sorry to read this- all the best and i hope you feel you can return in the not too distant future- you look gorgeous on your night out. Keep smiling. katie.x


jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

goodness babe, i am so sorry to hear what has been happening to you. i have not experienced online bullying, but i have been bullied in the past, so i understand what you must be going through. even though i don't know you personally, i just know that you are a beautiful young girl who has an amazing future ahead of you. i know you probably don't believe what your family and friends are saying, but it's true that the reason why people are picking on you is because they are jealous of you. i mean, you are pretty, you have a great fashion sense, a lovely boyfriend..etc. i really don't know what to say, i am useless at advice but i just wanted to say that there are people out there who care about you.

all the best, love jazzabelle. xxx

Serina said...

Thank you V. much for the comment! Appreciate it :) Great blog!

Serina xx

Serina said...

And Great outfit!! x

Julie said...

I love what you're wearing.

But that is actually terrible, i can't believe that people would make death threats or even just any kind of hate mail at all.

It's wrong.

I do hope you come back to blogging soon, because I will miss your posts! But i'm utterly shocked at those 'people' ;\

I'm glad no one except my boyfriend knows about my blog.

Seriously, hope you don't get too upset over those nasty comments!

Julie@ http://yourstalkerslittlesister.blogspot.com/ xxx

eve. said...

sorry to hear this lovely. i can see where your family and friends are coming from. these people are clearly jealous that there are almost 200 people who want to read what you've got to say. i agree with jazzabelle :) you seem like a lovely person as well.
hope you come back soon.

Unknown said...

cant believe people have been so horrible :( its disgusting and pathetic. I think you are such a great girl and you dont deserve any of the shit people have been giving you. fuck them all! this makes me so angry. these people probably dont have much of a life in the 'real world' and therefore live out their sad actions, very cowardly, to people online like yourself who they dont even know. like jazzabelle above has mentioned, I dont know you personally either but I do care and I hope all those crappy folk havent driven you away from blogging for good. cause that would suck so much :( but have some swesome time to yourself and I look forward to you coming back :) xx

Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bullying :( But the way I see it in my view is that you're almost letting them win. I get people making comments too, every blogger does.. but what I do is just not even act like I've realised they've said something. If you don't react it's like it hasn't happened and do you know what? I feel so glad I don't even waste a blog post even MENTIONING THEM. Cause they aren't worth the effort! Honestly, it works, I don't even acknowledge it and they hardly say anything anymore cause they think it's not even effecting me! Your blog makes YOU happy, and by letting them effect you, it makes your blog make you sad :(
AND what about the AUSSIE EVENTS? :(:( I was so excited to see you again!
Anyway I hope you don't take a break, but at least have time to think about it etc :)

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

OMG!!! You must be feeling pretty awful and upset! This is VERY disgusting and pathetic!!!! aaarghhh why oh why!

I like what i see and so do so many other or you wouldn't have so many followers in such a short space of time.

Did yousay you were looking at going to another Uni a while back? well damm those losers

take care chick and hope you hear from you soon your a nice genuine lassie and dont deserve this i believe in KARMA!


Melissa said...

love your outfit, like always, but its terrible to hear that you are receiving any kind of hate mail from this blog. i hope that it doesn't affect your confidence because the majority of readers love reading your blog, and the fact that you have almost 200 followers proves that! you seem like a lovely person and i hope that this does not change that (sounds cheesy doesnt it?!)but i think that these 'people' must not have a life of their own and in a way i feel sorry for them. i think that you have a great sense of style and remember that you will have lots of supporters who love your blog!!


p.s. the jumper from the first photo is from new look :)

Marie said...

Hi!:D You look great and that is one adorable outfit!:D I love the lace details.:D

About those losers who are insecure, don't mind them! Just keep on doing your own thing. As long as you are not hurting anyone, you can keep your chin up!:D

People who mind don't matter, and people who matter don't mind.:D

Congratulations on the increase of readers, happy to be one of them!:D

Beauty. Fashion. Design.
... and everything girly under the sun!:D

Charlie said...

i cant believe this...how pathetic can some people be? your blog, and you, by the sounds of it, are amazing, and its totally understandable that you're upset. i cant believe you went through all that! i really hope it stops, and that you feel you can come back, going to miss your updates :( xxx

Kayleigh said...

:( people suck. This is bad, what your doing is so great... i didnt tell any of my friend i wrote a blog for so long, i still havnt told my best friend because its such a personal thing to do.

Seriously though i hope you have a nice (short break) hopefully and come back kicking, some people are crap but f*** them and DO IT.
I think its to late for my rambles to make much sense.

but good luck in what you decide. P.S why havnt topshop snapped you up as a social media expert???? pshhhh they need to get on it.

love x


mel said...

that is so shocking of people!! and so rude!! yourblog is amaizng girl and dont let anyone tell you otherwise! ..i dont know why all thsi craziness exists and i think its seriously wrong, and it makes me so mad. your blog is amazing pippa


English Rose ♥ said...

Aww Pippa I am SO sorry to hear this!! I know the decision is yours but you shouldn't let them win or get to you because your just miserable and they're still as awful so you may as well be miserable and do what you love! If you really must do it, I really hope you come back soon because you will be dearly missed. You are wonderful Pippa ignore these twats who are clearly just jealous.

Hope to hear from you soon =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Unknown said...

I can't believe some idiots are making you feel that you can't blog for a while. Some people really are petty and really do need to start living their own lives. Have they honestly nothing better to do than read someones blog then bitch about it? Sad.

Great outfit, agree with the lace layered thing.
See you soon. x x

glamour rouge said...

Hi,great outfit! Thats so bad whats happened! Keep smiling :) xxx

daisychain said...

Gorgeous outfit,

but damn. I can't believe you've had to deal with such awful comments :(

look after yourself chica xx

Jo said...

Oh hun, am sorry that you feel like that. Hope you feel better about everything soon. Some people really need to get a life. No one needs to read your blog, it's not forced upon them, they have to come looking for it.

Hope you feel better soon.

Jo xx

Milly. said...

Hey thanks for the comment.
The top / dress is actually from a boutique in Brighton - it's the shoes that are from New Look! :) I would wear it out but it's quite warm :( lol.

Sorry to hear about all this, hope you're OK. I can't believe people have actually sent death threats - why?! Seriously that's just ridiculous, I hope you reported them online xxx

Anonymous said...

how sweet everything from Topshop!
You look really gorgeous!

Tights Lover said...

I am very, very sorry to hear about all of this. I can't imagine why your blog would be such a target. It amazes me sometimes the legnths people will go to hurt others. It's terrible that this has forced you to take a break from your blog. You don't deserve this.

I hope you are ready an able to come back at some point. I've enjoyed your blog very much. Take care.


Lucy said...

you can use any paper/card you like as long as your printer takes it and its the right kind of ink.
This card is medium thickness and has no coating so the ink looks dull, my last cards were on gloss and were larger.
Its very simples! :)

Lia said...

wow! love the outfit! and your hair looked so pretty:)

Anonymous said...

I read about one of people's favourite blogger's quitting and I was like who could that be and out of all of us I didn't expect it to be you Pippa! You seem one of the strongest out of all of us, these silly people are just so eurrgghh if they choose to laugh at this karma will choose to hit them in the head with a touch of reality, they may have control over what they choose to laugh at but not over karma. I wish you the best of luck and I am positive it will come to you!

From Dolly

Charly said...

Aw Pippa reading this has made me really sad. Although I've not experienced online bullying when I came to uni last year a lot of people I initially thought were good friends fell out with me, just because I wasn't the same as them. It was really difficult I spent months really upset, and have ended up having to live with them this year. I feel a lot better about things now, and I know it doesn't help to say it now but these people aren't going to get anywhere in life judging people and being bitchy. You on other hand doing something you love, showing people you're amazing style and putting yourself out there will definatly go onto do something great :) I know it must be hard at the moment but try and keep your head up and don't let these small minded people stop you being who you want to be. Hope you come back soon,



Rachel Lynne said...

I'm sorry to hear about that. But I do love the lace.

Grace said...

Looove the lace!!


Carmen said...

Love the bodysuits!

Awww, that's really mean, I hope you come back to blogging soon!


LPNY by Monika Pierzynowska said...

that lace body is amazing!!

Monika from J'adore Fashion

Unknown said...

love the lace x

H A N N A H . M A Y . R O S E . † said...

nooooooooooooooooooooo pippa! don't let the bullies win! it's true, they ARE jealous. and pretty pathetic if they're acting that way. you're doing soooo well - 200 followers is incredible, and you've just become an aussie angel.
your blog is AMAZING and if you give up all you're doing is losing something you love and giving the bullies the great satisfaction of winning, and knowing that they've got to you :(
hope you come back soon sweetie. I'm going to miss you!



julianne. said...

i love how you do your hair soo ridiciously much,.
this outfit is totally amazingly chic!
i love the lace. <3333

Ruth @ xruthloves said...

I really dont understand why anyone would want to leave you harsh comments, your lovely. And, i love the layering! It's a great idea, and hey, what's wrong with Topshop! :)
I hope these twats will leave you alone with the nasty comments, either jealous, or have nothing better to do with their time

P.s, enter my giveaway!
Love, Ruth

perfectionishuman said...

oh gosh, this sucks so bad. This is exactly why Ive tried my best to keep my blog secret from people that I know in "real" life..ALOT of people in my class are dabbling in blogging and it often ends in alot of snide comments and laughing at people behind their back... admitedly Im one of them, which makes me a big fat hypocrite really ahh.
But anyway.HURRY BACK.

LiPs said...

People are so stupid and obviously slightly backwards. I mean death threats for a fashion blog, what nasty waste of space human beings - ASBO or worst off bound. Urgh Sickening, this has really made me upset for you.

Be strong hunny, you are better than them and it is just bullying out of jealousy. Doesn't make it any easier though I understand.

Lots of loveeee

MM x

P.S. Wankers

Unknown said...

Why has it gotten to this point? I am so sad this has happened to you!

I hope you will be back an happy soon x

wild love said...

I love your blog! Can't wait to follow you!

xx, wild


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