New Hair Cut!

New Hair Cut!

SO I haven't actually had it done yet! :)
This is just an update so you all know I'm alive!
And completely overloaded with college work and money work (two jobs!)
I LOVE the style of Jessica Stroup's hair cut!
Unfortunately most of these pictures are when she has had it curled/styled.
But the top left photo is when its straight, which is how I would have it most times. The fringe look a while ago ruined my hair!! 
So im in desperate need of some layers and something new and mature :)
If any of you know of any other celebs with hair similar to this,
or something that would suit me then PLEASE comment to tell me!

ALSO I am SUCH a terrible blogger recently and completely deserve the little comments I go yesterday as I have had NO time to reply to anyone! I promise I will soon!! 

Also look at my friend Shaun's photography on http://lcbkaba.blogspot.com/ 
as he has done the most gorgeous shoot recently!

CT xox


Unknown said...

That haircut is ADORABLE!!!
It looks similar to the cut i'd do if i were to ever get one :)-

Let us know if you do. It would be cute.

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

I like the hairdo in the last picture--it's fierce, it's sexy but it's also elegant! I know how deciding about a new hairdo is such a big deal! :)

Unknown said...

I love love love her hair. And I love that she doesn't just wear it straight, she gives it a mix up with curling it, roughing it up.
Go for it!

X x

Tessa Rose said...

I think that haircut would really suit you! :) You're so organised though, I never decide these things in advance, just see how I feel when I get to the hairdressers (/Sainsburys...haven't told my mother about that one yet and I'm going home tomorrow!)

Hope you're well, you sound busy!!
Tess xxx

Julie said...

Ahh i love her hair, i think you'd really suit it :)


Anonymous said...

love her hair, super fun for summer
love your blog, keep it up!!
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the lovely comments, darling!


Unknown said...

i love her hair! i'm sure it'd look lovely on you :)

Unknown said...

can't wait to see your hair!

Paint it Black said...

I gave up on hair ages ago I just keep it long with a fringe wish I could be more like you and have a firm idea of what I want cant wait to see how you get it styled.

You are not a terrible blogger you just have a life too xoxo

Cindy Van Dyck said...

On facebook we saw eachother and than we've contacted some girls, fixed an adress and it was awesome!

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Hello hun, thought I'd reply on here- as I know I dont check back on peoples blogs for their replies!
The first thing I'd advise you is to get twitter lovely, I dont think you have it? Its amazing for getting your blog out there, and people share blogs on there too. Its lovely, so u should def join up. Apart from that your blog is amazing, so I'm sure u will get there with the followers.
I've done 2 giveaways and that boosts your followers like u wouldnt believe too.
Just keep following other peoples & commenting on their posts
Lots of love
Steph xxx

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