New Love In My Life

New Love In My Life

So although I am back to the blogging world, my posts may be slightly short and sweet. Hope that is okay for you all for a while but its all I can deal with. 
So onto good news...
BOWOUT - Ikon Bag

This bag is by far the new love in my life.
My lovely boyfriend bought it for me because he had a gift voucher left over from his birthday last month. I walked into the store after calling them before hand to make sure that they put one on hold for me, with my head held high and SO happy to be buying a bag I had wanted for a while but no actually paying for it myself! I love it because I feel that its perfect for summer, matched with my beige trench coat that recently I have been wearing in the style of the Burberry catwalk fashion show with my brown leather tan Topshop belt...

When I had bought it and was walking to work, the sun was shining, sunglasses on and my huge Ted Baker bag took up most of the walk way around me whilst on my shoulder. But it made me smile, I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day at work and my manager was very jealous to hear that I had got it finally!

Hope everyone is having a good week, because for me, things are looking up :)


Julie said...

Haha aww thats soo cute!
+ welcome back! I have missed your posts :P

That bag is gooorgeous!


Emma x said...

That bag is lush!
I only just saw your last post, i can't believe people have been so horrible to you. You're such a beautiful and lovely girl, they really are just jealous of you xx

Ali Skye said...


i may have to buy one, myself!

Ali Skye
^be sure to check it out!^

MsHark said...

Cute! I am glad your days are looking up!

Charlie said...

Glad to see you're back! You know, so many of my friends take the piss or find it weird when i ask them to take pics for my blog or that I have to do an update when I get home, but I just smile it off, because its given me such an amazing experience, and im finally exploring and developing something i love! I try to keep my blog very impersonal, and I dont advertise it in any way on my facebook etc. and i dont look forward to my first online haters! but its pretty much inevitable :(

anywayyy what im trying to say is that you should do what you love, and anyway its not exactly nerdy to love fashion! i dont know what you want to do but if you want a career in fashion then your on the right path! please try and stay strong and keep posting. dont include any text if thats your worry, just some nice pics of your outfits will do :) and i cant wait to meet you at the aussie events!

whooaaa that was a bit of an essay haha! p.s. i adore that bag and i dont normally go for that kind of stuff, but for £25????? I'm officially in love.



Logan said...

So sweet of your boyfriend. It is a lovely bag. Looks great on you! xoxo

Tokyo fashion-HOLIC said...

Cuuute bag!!
It was made from plastics?
This glossy material is great.

Anonymous said...

uh hum i LOVEEEE the ted baker bag. LOVE LLOVE LOVE

btw, i am your 200th follower! lol

follow me @ http://fashionandpoise.blogspot.com/

Chelsea Finn said...

your bag is amazing! :-)


Emily said...

oooh i love it too! so cute. :) your blog is darling!
xoxo. <3

Emily said...

following you now too! :)

Marie said...

Very cute bag!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Miri said...

Congrats on getting the bag lovely! I'm pretty sure I would have had the hugest smile on my face if I had gotten my hands on the bag of my dream =P

LillianZahra said...

Nice to see you back :)
Love that bag, it's gorgeous! x

Kayleigh said...

Glad to see your back to blogging miss :)

Sounds like a perfect shopping experiance, the bag is so chic!

Kayleigh x


Unknown said...

Ooh lucky you!
And what a nice boyfriend.

X x

Lucy said...

That is a NICE bag! love it!
good news, sketchbook is staying open till end of may so no excuse to go see it haha

Anonymous said...

Wow! a special tribute?? thanks!!!!

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