Long Weekend!

Long Weekend!

So this weekend, I had the friday off, hence why I had a long weekend!! On the friday, I went to my family beach hut in Frinton :) I wore my new although Sale Topshop Dress - £15. I matched it with a pink bow, which is definitely my  signature thing over the past few years!!! I seriously wear them all the time, in all different colours!!!
Here's a gorgeous view of the beach and sea! It was so sunny and I loved every minute of it :) I went with my mum, gran and best mate shaun from  http://lcbkaba.blogspot.com/. We had such a laugh in the sun and ate lots the whole day!! I can see myself and my friends spending a lot of time up there in the summer, friends, sun and sea...what more could you ask for?? :)
Later that evening I went to my friend Autumn's 18th Birthday Toga Party!! It was so much fun, a little too much free alcohol, a lot of people having a good time and far too many make shift togas from old bed sheets!! I matched my toga with my Topshop leaf shaped gold earings, my brown Primark belt, and new Peacocks gladiator sandals! Here's some pictures of me and the girls from the night!!

Then came saturday, after Rupert had stayed over, we lounged around all day hungover then I went to see my lovely friends in the sun in town!! We chilled on the green and ate cake :) Then I was off to an amazing night at pub work, where all the men were dancing to the live band and drinking FAR too much and making everyone laugh! Then again today, I was off to work in the boiling hot sun! And had a lovely day serving drinks and food in the sunshine :) Need some new sun glasses, any suggestions?? :)


Oh to Be a Muse said...

pretty floral dress you have here. can't wait to wear mine this upcoming 3-day weekend!


paige said...

loving the floral dress. beach would be sooo nice. its winter here, so jealous of all the people who are getting warm weather

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Looks like you had fun in Toga :)
Love the floral dress, very very pretty xxx

julianne. said...

i love that dress so much.<3

EilidhPie said...

Sounds like the ideal weekend! :)
Love your dress! x

LadyBugSays ... said...

Love that dress, looks like you had a fab weekend!

Mom Fashion World said...

Gorgeous ladies in white!
I love it!


Helen said...

hello! i found your blog through i know what you wore this summer. my dress is from dorothy perkins, but from an ebay seconds store so i think they might still have some. i love floral dresses and this one is such a bargain, i'm jealous!

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

Gorgeous images! Love it..

Nathália Alves said...

weekend on beach is the better thing!
girls you are really pretty.


Jessica said...

sounds like you had fun ! Your dress from topshop is really pretty. I need new sunglasses too. My last pair where by Betsey Johnson, but i guess you can't go wrong with Rayban's!
i really like these >


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