New Topshop Clothes

New Topshop Clothes

Now before I tell you all about my AMAZING new buys
 from the lovely Topshop I have some bad news! 
Unfortunately due to exam times coming up and university not that far away
I have had to hand in my letter of resignation to my Topshop! :|
I know, I know...sad news! But I must get good grades!!
So this selection of purchases was a way of helping out before I leave!

Topshop Cream Tunic Top - £25.00

Topshop Waisted Flower Dress - £15.00

These two, on top of the three in the previous posts (pink cardigan and flower necklace and angel dress)
all came to around £76 which I think is pretty good considering 
the dresses were above £40 to begin with! :)
May take them back over the next month if I don't wear them,
as I always feel that someone else could love them more!

What do you think?? :)

Loving Keri Hilson - 'I like'


Lia said...

I think that dress is fab! :)

EilidhPie said...

That dress is gorgeous! x

LadyBugSays ... said...

Can't believe that floral dress was only £15!bargain!

iliketweet said...

I love the floral dress and for £15, that's a keeper!

tweet tweet tweet


Cherry said...

Aww thats a shame that you have to hand in your notice but exams are more important, good luck!

Platform P said...

That dress is gorge <3 it!

So basically you mean, we no longer have the Topshop heads up?

Not happy with you Miss P!


Stevie Georgina said...

I love the dress, it is so pretty! x

Marie said...

The dress has a lovely pastel print and the tunic is a classic!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Charlie said...

both your buys are amazing! especially the top, i was looking for one like that in topshop yesterday and i couldnt find anything!

sad you have to quit working there, that is quite possibly my dream teen job!

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Anonymous said...

pretty dress!

i now follow you so feel free to follow me

prettyneons said...

whoa I really, really like the colours in that dress!

Lia said...

sure:) formspring.me is a web where people can ask you questions abaout whatever they want, and then you answer them so everyone can see it. I thought it could be fun hah
thanks for following!!

Unknown said...

maybe i can swoop in and fill your place ;)
love that cream shirt- it's so gorgeous!

Julie said...

I slightly love that dress a lot.



Oh no! I don't have a job either, and it's because of school D:
But those are very cute clothes ;D

xx, Melissa

Becca. said...

How could you not just love Topshop!
If only i had unlimited money hey?
Thank you for the blog comment

Becca @Fashion Train


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