Recently, I have been watching the amazing 'Frock Me'
presented by the gorgeous Alexa Chung and Henry Holland.
I love it so much, because it has a great combination of style and beauty tips, 
shown through the great words of a style icon and great designer.
They have been discussing the summer the style look ‘Romance’, 
the florals and pastels and overall girly looks. Loose and wavey dresses, skirts and tops. My favourite part of the show was when they did a makeup example for Romance style colours. Now, as you all may be able to tell, I am very pale and my light hair doesn’t 
help this very much! I froze the screen on the cream smokey eyes look on a pale 
face so that you could see what the makeup artist did with brown 
eye pencils and brown creamed eyeshadow with pinky cream coloured on top. 
Hopefully I will try this out very soon.

My Simple Romance Look...

Rose coloured loose Topshop top - £25 - Sale
Black top underneath + black belt - H&M.
Now something new to try...
Another part of the show was in the ‘Frock Off’ between two fashionistas from the streets of Nottingham. The girl picked some Burgundy tights to match a simple cream floral dress. I LOVED the look and just wanted to 
buy them  as soon as I saw it! 
ASOS 'Velvet Feel' 120 Denier Burgundy Tights - £1.00
These ones shown on asos as an example are out of
stock but I will be having a nosey around other places as soon as I have time.
What do you think I could match them with??

Drawing of me from the lovely http://thepowerandbeauty.blogspot.com
One to One Interview from Becca at www.fashion-train.blogspot.com
Also GIVEAWAY coming soon :)


Marie said...

I <3 your rose top, so girly and soft!:D

Have a great week!:D

...and everything girly under the sun!

Paint it Black said...

I have been watching that too. Fab romance outfit great colour on you looking goregous as ever. xoxo

glamour rouge said...

Love ur dress. Ive got burgendy tights and I love them I got them last winter in GAP for £6..I thought it was pricey for one pair but they are the best quality tights ive ever owned! They're probably still in there :)


LadyBugSays ... said...

Love that nude drappy top. Romance has to be one of my favourite trends at the moment.

Emma x said...

I love coloured opaques, i get mine from Accessorize. Burgandy would be fab in Autumn/winter with grey, black and navy xx

Barbara von Enger said...

Am fond of colours which means that I adore those burgundy tights paired with those gorgeous shoes;-)

Mindey said...

Lovely romance-look, the rose top is just gorgeous! :)

EilidhPie said...

I always seem to be working when Frock Me is on - it sucks!
I love your outfit! The Topshop top is gorgeous!
I'd team the tights with an LBD or a denim dress...? x

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

beautiful top! I love the romance movement.


Charlie said...

haha thanks chick! you too! (i think your doing exams but i cant rememeber?)

i bought some burgundy tights and some stockings recently its my favvv colour atm! i love it with cute floral dresses/anything navy or cream :)




Julie said...

I know right! when i saw them i was like hmmm, i'll check in my tights drawr and see if i have any.. but i dont :( so gnna invest in some! :D

love that rose colour on you, its gorgeous.


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