Bad Weather & Giveaway winner

Bad Weather & Giveaway winner

So over the past few days the weather has been terrible.
Rain, rain and more rain.
So my outfits have been pretty much covered up by rain coats and jumpers.
But before I left today, I thought I would take a picture to show you
 how I am trying to layer up and make a half decent outfit!!!

SECONDLY, I thought that I would tell you that 
did in fact win my giveaway!!!
She won with her entry: 
Blogger laurenrhiannon said...

Aww thats so pretty! :)
enter me please!
Lauren xx

Thank you to ALL that entered!!!
Hopefully when I hit another big followers amount, 
then I will do another giveaway!!! :)


Anonymous said...

lovely cardigan


Unknown said...

the bead weather is really annoying me right now! i forgot to reply to your comment re - buying a dress. which can be seen here - http://www.fashionchampagne.com/2010/05/matching-my-wall.html - its a size 8 and £35 P&P would be around £3 - of your still interested then let me know - email is fashionchampagne@hotmail.co.uk - will post ASAP if you do xxxxx

Georgie said...

Cute outfit! Congrats to lauren.

LadyBugSays ... said...

Congratulations to Lauren! Very cute outfit!

Lucy said...

Today was so weird it kept going hot and cold and i probably looked like a loon in the office because i kept taking my top off and putting it on again! ah nightmare haha
Pippa im soo sad that your tea hasn't arrived! but i must admit mine took aaages too. However i only ordered this round a couple of days before you and its arrived already so any minute now hopefully!!
let me know when it comes :P

Unknown said...

yea im pretty sure it would be too big! its a bit big on me so for you it would be massive xxxx

Lucy said...

ah fabs! good old tea..

Yeah im in the colour tribe too so ill be at the same one! see you there! whoop whoop

Leia said...

love your florals! :D

xx leia - leiasdelights.com

Anonymous said...

I know I am so annoyed with the rain I bought sunscreen and everything! Congrats to the winner0 your giveaways are always fabulous!


Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

Congrats to the winner and yeah the weathers been abit meh. It's sunny one minute and rainy the next. crazy crazy! xxx

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