The girl with the runaway heart.

The girl with the runaway heart.

Now who doesn't know the gorgeous work of Banksy
and especially the 'Balloon Girl, There is always hope.'
Every time I see this image, it makes me think of myself.
I am a hopeless romantic and always will be. 
I always let my heart go and dream the unthinkable.
I open my heart out to little people, but when I do, 
they know they're special.
I dream of those unrealistic moments, 
where your life turns out perfectly and you are in love forever.
Or that your heart is always full of affection and happiness,
and constantly beaming with joy.
But who doesn't dream of this???
Recently, I have been deciding how I want to be,
after all I am at an important stage in my life.
Stuck between the hectic summer of an 18 year old girl 
and the 'next step' in the world with university on the way.
So therefore I really have to decide,
Do I want to be sociable or concentrate on my learning?
A party animal, or a book worm?
Stay Loyal or be a free spirit?
Do I want to be a try hard or easy going?
Typically, a lover or a fighter?
But in all honestly, the truth of it is, that all I want to be is...


Thanks to Carrie for showing me this song.


Marie said...

What a beautiful post, so dreamy.:D

Have a great weekend!:D

Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
& Life According to Marie.

Paint it Black said...

Lovely post hun I think a good mix of both would be a good balance. You have so much to look forward too take each day as it comes and enjoy xoxo

Jason Laucht said...

yes there is always hope!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Great post! It looks like you have a lot to look forward to and a lot of fun, yet important, choices to make...sigh. Good luck. :)

k said...

everyone thinks and wishes for things like that!and the one who don't are hopeless!

keep dreaming!loved the photo!!


the desert foxx said...

Wow, what a inspiring post--especially the vid. thanks for sharing


Unknown said...

i love that picture xxxx

Guiltyhyena said...

Every great dream begins with a dreamer! :)

I like the layout of your blog doesnt look like it needs a revamp, I am always tempted to get three columns. The layout to my blog is Minima stretch.

thanks for stopping by hun!

Nicola said...

that song is so beautiful x

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