So yes, I know, I should be shot.
I feel horrible, I have been working full time pretty 
much so that I can earn some summer cash.
But this has meant that blogging has been a no no.
So over the next few days, I will be catching up on all comments :)
For this post, I will be letting you into the world of Pippa 
and what has been going on over the past few weeks with outfit posts :)

This is two outfits going from day to night with 
the romance colour scheme, mainly peach :)

Topshop rouge bodysuit with matching Topshop striped mini skirt.
One sunny day I decided to get a henna tattoo, isn't it cute?? <3

As the sun's out, a Topshop nude bodycon & newlook crop top shows the tan!!
and the lovely Topshop floral playsuit with the cutest puppy ever!

Now although you can hardly see in this picture, 
this outfit I am wearing in between my two American cousins,
is my favourite of all time. Very simple, but very me.
Blue Topshop Jeggins, White Topshop Waisted Top
Navy Newlook Nautical Cardigan Jacket, 
Topshop Earings & Necklace.
Although plain with minimal colours, I really like it 
because it makes certain items stand out.

John Freida Go Blonder Hair Product Review
Aussie Hair Care Event
Edinburgh Festival
FunkRock Fashion Shoot
A new move into the beauty product blogging side
And much much more :)

Now as jealous as I am of her outstanding blog, 
I seriously recommend that you view Carrie's newest video post at WishWishWish HERE
Honestly, its breathtaking.


heartshapedbruise. said...

Being shot would probably be slightly over-dramatic a reaction to your lack of blogging.. :p

Some great outfits there - think the first one is my fave :)

How ridiculously adorable is that puppy!? Oh my goodness - too cute!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

it's cool to see that you've been taking outfit pics for us--keeping the blog world in mind. :)

looking forward to you future posts.


Paint it Black said...

Great outfits hun you look like you have been having fun as well as working hard. Love the henna tattoo.

Thank you for the comment about my skin it made my day I had awful acne for years and i was left with scarring I have had a few quite harsh treatments and my skin is now the best it will be xoxo

Annie Spandex said...

The henna tattoo is soo pretty! :)

LadyBugSays ... said...

That henna tattoo looks amazing!

Anna Katrina said...

i love your first dress..gorgeous

stop by sometime<3

Alanna =] said...

Wow I love the henna tattoo :)and the puppy is so cute! Love your style.



Emma x said...

That henna tat is so pretty, i love it. Obviously your outfits are gorgeous xx

Phuong said...

lovely outfits, i love peach and light colors

LadyBugSays ... said...

P.S I have tagged you in an award on my blog!

Anonymous said...

all your outfits are really cute and i love your henna tattoo!

Venus ♥s Mars

EilidhPie said...

I think we can forgive you this once ;)
Loving all your outfits, especially the bodysuit/mini one! And your henna tattoo is so cool!
Is the puppy yours, he's so sweet! x

Style Goddesses said...

Love your outfit shots! Especially the punting outfit! Love the cardigan!
The henna tattoo is really pretty too :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Oasis is a lovely shop although I do find some of their stuff a bit overpriced. Love a sale bargain though!

Millie xxx


Schnelle said...

cute outfits! i love your blog & i'm a new follower!

thanks for your comment. the D&G wallet was a gift actaully. Hope you'll follow...


nikol said...

love the Topshop body suit and floral playsuit! You really have a bunch of stuff from Topshop, haha I'm very jealous! Also the henna tattoo is super cute! Hopefully it'll last long.


Awesome Henna :)

That extra sparkle said...

You look stunning, especially in that last picture!

amie k said...

Love your blog Pippa! Tahnks for my comment-sorry for the delayed response!
ps I am now a follower! xxx

Boberika said...

Like the foot henna ;0


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