London Aussie Party

London Aussie Party

On Saturday the 7th of August,
I attended one of the best nights I have been out on!!
As my title states, it was the 'Coloured Hair Aussie Angels Party'.
This post is rather photo heavy just so you can understand the amazingness!
Now imagine this, turning up to the gorgeous 'Kingly Club' in Soho 
to find a big group of stunning bloggers surrounded around each table 
drinking mojitos and cocktails of all different colours and chatting 
to each other about their hair tips, makeup styles and clothes advice!

I wore as seen below...An Oasis SALE Playsuit - £15.
A Topshop Rose SALE Necklace - £4
Old Pink Next Shoes & Primark Belt

There were advice boxes - basically each blogger from
all of the Aussie Parties put a single piece of advice into the box
and eventually it will be made into a 'style bible' for all hair types :)

There was REALLY useful hair demonstrations for example learning
how to make a fishtail plait or how to add volume when drying,
or even how to make your hair look like its just been dyed!! 

I had my hair curled and I absolutely loved it!
The hair stylist, shown in the pictures, made it look so easy!!
One day soon I will try it again and get my hands on some curlers!!

And the creme de la creme...The Drag Queens.
Beyonce and Lady Gaga came to the club and did a special performance :)

We stayed in the most AMAZING hotel for the night,
It was The London Bridge Hotel and our room looked like this...

Let me just say a HUGE thank you to Emma from Aussie for inviting me :)
It really was an amazing night!!! Cant wait for the next :)


Becca. said...

oh my gosh, that all looks amazing!
i'd love to be invited to something like that :)
and i love funkrock & asos!

Becca. said...

oh my gosh yes i remember now!
i only came back from holiday on thursday though :(
couldn't have come, stupid france!


The October Issue said...

looks like a blast,great red heels!

Winny. said...

im the one is the pretty flowery dress :D xx

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Looks amazing hun, and you looked really pretty :)
Aussie events are amazing arent they

Unknown said...

Really good night, was lovely to meet you!


Rachel said...

Thats all looks like such a good night :)

Thankyou for the comment on my blog I appreciate it xx

Hannah said...

Thank for the comment on my blog re. spotty tights I would actually wear them with everything and anything. A pretty dress and spotty tights even if its a clashing print as long as the colour goes. a plain top but funky skirt combo with spotty tights. I can never pull it off but shorts and spotty tights looks good if you can. The playsuit you're wearing in this post could benefit from spotty tights lol!! Don't be scared to mix different prints and any shoes can be worn, hells, brogues, converse, wedges you name is spotty tights rock and can be worn instead of plain tights always!!!! Sorry for the crazy long post but funky tights are fun so I'm spreading the word!!!

Lived With Love said...

hey great blog, that looks amazing!

Unknown said...

looks absoluteky fab xxxx

LadyBugSays ... said...

Loving your hair curled, it looks so soft and pretty! I always curl my hair with my straighteners!

Becca. said...

told you the post would be up quick :)


FashionJazz said...

Oooh looks like such a fab evening and you look gorgeous! : ) xxx

pearlslaceandruffles said...

It looks like you had such a great time! I'm jealous :) xoxo


Is This Real Life? said...

Ooh this looks like soo much fun!
Your hair looks awesome too!
Cool blog and thanks so much for your lovely comment!

Analisa said...

That party looks amazing!

I'm hosting a giveaway (House of Harlow 1960 ring) on my blog, and would love it for you to enter :)

nikki said...

everything looks lush!

and I'm so jealous of that Oasis playsuit...bargain! you look lovely... love it paired with the rose necklace xxx

Charly said...

Ooh looks amazing, so jealous Pippa!



Anonymous said...

Your photos have such a high energy! Following... amazing!

Unknown said...

looks like such a fab event
tres jellie <3


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