University Girl

University Girl

Sorry I haven't been posting over the past month, but I do have a good reason!
I started UNIVERSITY :) 
A while back I posted that I got accepted to University of East Anglia, and on the 29th of September I started! 
It has been pretty amazing so far, going to/missing new classes, meeting new people and joining new clubs! 
Overall costing be quite a bit over the past month, 
therefore my wardrobe has suffered in terms of new pretty items entering it :/
Here are a few pictures of where I am staying and my pretty room :)
(Just so you know I am not actually staying in the building below, 
but mine look the same, just hard to capture)

ALL my luggage :)

My room does look a tad different now due to mess/change arounds :)

But my questions are...
How do you deal with being away from home for long periods of time?
And what things did you join at university?
x CT x


Unknown said...

Ah, exciting times for you! :)
Your room looks huge! Love the bar shelf.

I coped moving away (Bristol to London) by making sure I made time for family and friends (phone calls, letters etc) and by throwing myself into uni life, join clubs, go to any party and live it up.


Gem said...

Wow your room looks great :)
I started uni at anglia ruskin in cambridge last year and didnt get into halls, so i was living in a random student house, which is okay but i regret having missed out on the hall experience. I go back home to milton keynes every week though so i dont have to miss my family and boyfriend too much :)
if you spend enough time with mates then you wont miss your family so much :)
what do you study? xxx

daisychain said...

Hello lovely,
sorry no magic words of advice,
but I had literally just been thinking of you, so it was great to see you post x

Helen said...

From my own experiences at uni ( I am now an 'experienced' 3rd year lol) I would say just throw yourself into every opportunity especially the rugby union cause the boys are always really yummuy and sports unions do the best social night outs!
The busier you are and the more opportunities you can experience the more memories for the future. It doesn't last forever, and then it's on to being a grown up and getting a full time job :(

Helen xxx

Emma x said...

Wow your room is huge compared to the one i had in halls you lucky thing!
My best tips are to throw yourself into everything, make sure you experience all that uni has to offer because it goes so fast. Also make sure you take loads of photos, i have hundreds!
In the daytime look around the town and see what there is to find, we found a fab shoe museum near my uni and also an amazing park that we kept going back to over the whole 3 years for picnics etc.
I think everyone who goes misses home, even if they don't show it x

Paint it Black said...

Wow exciting times you must be going through lots of different emotions at moment. Your Uni looks awesome and you packed very neatly Sadly I cant help you with your question I have never been away from home but I am sure you will settle in soon. It is normal to feel homesick xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh Pippa, my first advice is - join as much as you can in your first year! Your grades don't count, and you get to meet lots and lots of people and then you'll see what you enjoy the most, so in 2nd and 3rd years when you have to do a bit (just a bit :P ) more work for uni, you wont be super overcrowded with clubs and societies. I went slightly mad in my 2nd year and did EVERYTHIGN- but literally, you name it, I've probably tried it. Of course, I killed myself doing it and didnt enjoy being so tired all the time, and not having time for my housemates, who actually are my closest friends!
As far as missing is concerned, I never really had to deal with it, I was just so glad to be out of the house.. It will be so weird for you when you go back, to be living with your parents once again, you'll see it. When I went out my mum was like 'where are you going?' and it was just like 'eeeem.. what's it to you:P ' haha, but didnt say it that way, because i love my mum, obvs:P it's just a completely different thing..
Good luck at uni, anyways! I'm sure you'll do great, just don't forget to blog! :P What are you studying anyways?

LillianZahra said...

Your room looks great, glad to hear you're enjoying uni :)
I didn't move very far away from home for uni but found that I was so busy I didn't have time to miss home or go back during term time. I think uni is a great time to try out things you've never done before - I started horseriding as I never did it when I was little and absolutely loved it. Joining lots of different clubs means you'll have different groups of friends and won't have time to get bored or lonely. x

jemina said...

I sometimes missed my university times, and being away from home was not a big of a deal for me, as I love adventures, and after a while (if ever I did miss home), things will get better over time. Enjoy your uni time sweetie, and just have FUN!!!


mollyvogue said...

In reply to your comment on my blog: I know, the price depresses me. Topshop is all well and good but it's so expensive these days! Still love it all the same :)

Well to be honest H&M would do similar tops and cardigans. The trousers aren't that bad value, they're £38 - so it's just a matter of mixing and matching and seeing what you can find :)

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

oooh! how i miss my college days! I joined everything: clubs, track, and french club. I had a blast!


sian said...

going to uni is exciting huh :) i started this year as well. i went travelling last year so i guess im used to being away from home, but it can be tough. just make sure you have lots of photos of everyone at home and you'll be ok :) i haven't joined anything so far! rubbish me xx

FashionJazz said...

Good Luck with everything hun!!! Mwah xx

www.janetteria.com said...

Good luck, Honey and thanks for stopping by. Ur blog is great too...


Unknown said...

exciting - i miss uni xxx

Becca. said...

you room looks so pretty, love how you've put all your accessories up! and my sisters at uni, she's at leeds. and she's stolen half my wardrobe... i mean how is this fair... she's doing the 'i'm at university and i have no money excuse' not pleased!!!
and yeah i know it's not good. i just started my alevels and i dealt with a serious health problem and (during that time the blog went downhill) and i've just come back from a week in france, lots to catch up on!

thankyou for the comment on my blog,

Cherry said...

Congrats on being accepted! To deal with being away from home I tried to keep myself occupied but talking on the phone and even writing letters really helps.

I didn't join anything when I went to University which I kind of regret, I'd definitely advise joining something!

Your room looks really nice :)

Cherry said...

We just wrote about everyday sort of things, nothing special. I also wrote to my nan.

I didn't join anything because 1. you have to pay and there was only really sports things which I'm not interested in and other societies weren't really advertised.

Becca. said...

thankyou for the comment it means a lot!


un petit lapin said...

Oooh you seem to have made your room your own! It looks pretty big for student housing. I joined a few different things I was interested in (photography, wining+dining, website design etc) but in the end I stopped going because there is just too much going on. Just find the clubs you LOVE and stick with them.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome!
thanks so much for your comment, you know i'll be back here again for sure!


Unknown said...

awww I moved quite far myself...London to Manchester
But i love it!
Love the vibe of your room and the clothes rack is very sheek!


Unknown said...

ahh thats so exciting!
just make the most of the time you have, because it WILL fly by, so don't waste a moment!
Work hard AND play hard! :) x

Steph said...

Your super lucky! my uni room in halls was so much smaller than that! enjoy it while you can im in my 3rd year and im going to miss it so much when i graduate! :( x


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