My Discountcoder ASOS Competition Entry

My Discountcoder ASOS Competition Entry

The look I am going for here is dressy day wear.


'ASOS Pussybow Short Sleeve Blouse' £26.00
...tucked into (keeping the belt)...
'ASOS Tailored Belted Ponti Fit and Flare Skirt' £28.00

...styled with...
'ASOS Lace Over The knee & Sheer Tights' £10.00 
...and also...
'ASOS Over The Knee Rib Socks' £4.00 
(for added warmth and pushed down to just above shoes)

...finished off with...
'ASOS MARVEL Soft Suede Lace Up Flat Shoes'  £32.00
Total of £100

I think that the tights and blouse smarten up the 
slouched socks and brogues look and the colourful 
skirt adds personality and vibrance to  the outfit!

With discountcoder's 20% off promotional offer on all ASOS
 brand Orders my total spend would be £80.
Simply type AS0S20 at the checkout.

If I had an extra £7 then I would use my spare £20 to buy the 
'ASOS Fine Gauge Cape Style Cardigan' for £27 
which I think adds the perfect end to this look.
I love the shape of this cardigan and I think that it would
add to the slouched look for the outfit but also help
to create a stylish wintery feel.

I hope that you like my entry to the Discountcoder competition to enable me to win £100...please comment below with your opinions on the outfit and what you like or would change! 
I love to hear your opinions!


mia said...

I especially like the blouse and it would work great with the skirt. The tights are pretty as well but I would wear long (super long) lace up boots. Goood luck x

daisychain said...

Love your look! I have to get round to doing my post!

Sian Thomas said...

I really like the colour of that skirt, and the shape, it's really pretty =) And you're right it would look so lovely with that blouse =D

lydia lee said...

such a cute outfit well done!!

check out my giveaway if you'd like! ...

Annie said...

Hi. :)
I just found your blog and it's lovely...been reading all the way back to March!

And I love the outfit, especially the blouse and tights :)

annie x

Anonymous said...

That is a great combo Pippa, I like that you chose flats, perfect for running around all day, and if I was to work in a glamorous office where you just walk 5 meters all day then you could even put the outfit with heels! You put so much work into this post, it's really great!

Catarina said...

I'm actually on asos right now :) they have so many nice things, I adore the skirt that you chose, the colour is really pretty.

Anonymous said...

i love all the items you have shown here, they are wonderful.

Unknown said...

no huni - i wont e going i got SNOWED in boooo xxxxxxx

Tessa said...

Hi :)

Amazing blog you got there! I love it :D
So that's why I'm a new follower :)

Maybe you can follow me back and visit my blog and leave some comments? I would like that :)


Thanks and keep up the good work :)

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

I want that skirt and white socks!!! Love over kneee socks @ the mo.

You have been quiet chick ...!

Aussie fair ? In Edinburgh ? not heard anything about it :( xxx

Michaela said...

I love the yellow skirt! Great!

Page and Screen Queen said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog! I have sadly had to postpone my Edinburgh trip due to the snow, but should be going sometime next year - just for shopping in the city centre. I'm having to take a break from blogging while I've got Uni essays but should hopefully be back at it soon. stylespylou x

Becca. said...

no, no market? :S

bit confused...

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

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