As I have decided that I want to try to become more involved with my blog, 
I have invested in a Canon EOS D500. Otherwise known as 'my baby'. 
I got it two weeks ago and have just been playing around with it really! I took it to the Aussie Event but that was the first actual time I had used it so excuse the bad pictures! I tried my best! I have always been interested in photography and I wanted to invest in something conveniently before christmas so that I could get some help with the financial side from the rest of the family :) I do photography club at university and I am on the student newspaper for the photography and gigs section so I needed something simple for beginners but able to do pretty much all that is required.
I LOVE THIS CAMERA! Its so easy to use but also so gorgeous with every shot it takes!
I take such good care of it because I love it to pieces! And I really want to get some stunning images for my blog so that I can develop my posts as much as some of my favourite bloggers!
What camera's do you all have? 
Image above is not my own, from google images - its just pretty.


julianne. said...

i am very jealous.
have so much fun with it.<3

Unknown said...

Ahhh...congrats on the camera :) I use a CANON for my business & absolutely LOVE it to pieces ♥ Happy holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't waita see your shots, get some up! xo.

LillianZahra said...

I'm so jealous! This camera looks amazing. My new-ish digital camera sadly broke so I'm on the hunt for a new one...thinking of spending a little more to get something decent as I'm hoping it'll make a big difference to the quality of photos on my blog. x

daisychain said...


Wanderlust said...

eeeeek! im hoping to unwrap one of those bad boys this christmas :')
super jealose.
& at the moment i use a nikon l100 slr, like the medium size one :( xx

Emma said...

Hi there! This is lovely!
What a nice blog you have, great inspiration!

Wanna be followers? let me know..

Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

Georgie said...

So jealous! I really need to invest in a better camera too I think mine is worth about £15 :/

Emma x said...

Ohh i'm jealous, i really want a good camera xx

Olivia RPS said...

wow, what a beautiful looking camera!
i'm hopefully getting a camera for christmas, its a canon one, but sort of compact. very exciting! :)
Olivia x

Unknown said...

What a beautiful camera. I really love it.

Tights Lover said...

Love your new "baby"! I can't wait to see some of the pictures you take with it!

Beth said...

Lomography cameras are great! Its a bit of a pain when you have to get film developed and upload tje, through scans, but love the effect!

Love your blog.x

Paint it Black said...

I have just brought one of these well it is on Pre-order as it had sold out and god knows when it will come as I ordered it online I am hoping I will have it by the middle of next month. I am soooo excited xoxo

Lucy said...

yaaay! glad you got this baby! I keep umming arring about spending the money on a dslr, sure it makes you look better but actually I dont get bad shots once edited with my shitty point and shoot. we'll have to see.. im secretly very jealous haha

Paige Rhianne said...

Lovely camera and good idea.
I love photography too but recently i just got brought a simple samsung camera and it does the job and takes good photos.
Have fun with yours :)


Unknown said...

ohh I'm so jealous! I've got to contend with my bog standard average cam ;) Enjoy xx

Monika said...

Awh maybe you will be ready to do it in your second year?
My camp was pretty cool, but you do end up sleeping in tents alot and there's all kinds of creepy crawlyies but if your not too bothered about that you will love it!
I ended up in Indiana, I was quiet annoyed though because I told them I wanted to go to the camp fair so I can apply to camps that I want to go to. But they didn't put my application on hold so I got placed anyway and once I was placed I couldn't get out of it apparently. (Even though they messed up)

I'm doing Education Studies & Early years in Leeds! So it was perfect experience for me.

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