Your Song...

Your Song...

This recently has been one of my favourite songs, 
and I am sure that many of you feel the same :)
I think the video is amazing, but at the same time its so simple.
I would absolutely love to be able to make a film montage like this and put it on here!
A few weeks ago I got to have one of the most crazy experiences EVER.
I was less than a metre away from the spectacular Ellie Goulding!
I was asked by my university newspaper 'Concrete' to photograph her for our events section,
and she was fantastic! Just as amazing live as on the radio or in my ipod!
Here are a few of my favourite photos taken on the university Nikon D60.
Not an amazingly new camera but still definitely did the job!
Hopefully I will be using my new Canon 500D for the next band I photograph :)
Please tell me what you think...


Julie said...

Real good pictures, suchh a good opportunity!

ahh ellie is amazing!


mia said...

Great photos! Elton Johns Your song is one of my dads karaoke favourites *cringe*,but I think I prefer Ellie singing it much more !


daisychain said...

amazing photos, this is my current favourite song too!


wow you made some nice pictures there!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog! You can buy waistcoats everywhere! Vero Moda, Vila and Only stores have a lot of them in their collection!!



A Gluten Freestyle said...

Aww loving that song and very jealous you got to photograph her!

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Her music doesn't float my boat but I can why people like her. She looks pretty but I wanna style her up a little. (I will shut up now)but maybe thats what makes her different from the norm

Thanks for my comment lovely! Still none of the wiser what the event was? Was it in Edinburgh ?? We could have met!! Gutted! ha

Looking forward to your post :) xx

Lauren said...

Wow awesome pictures! I adore Ellie, she has so much passion.


Unknown said...

heard this song the other day and its totally growing on me! cant wait to see your picks from CSL xxxx

Caz said...

I absolutely love this song, it sounds amazing!
I love your photos and i'm so jealous you go the chance to take them! I bet the gig was amazing :)

Nicole said...


<3 :)

Susan said...

i've stolen it from my boyfriend :D but i think it was something like 20€ but i'm not sure if it is in store till now..

Rebecca said...

i love the video, but for some reason i'm not the world's biggest fan of this cover... love your photos, though!

ps, i'm having a christmas jumper giveaway (:

xxyy said...

such a lovely song!xx


Charleston said...

this song makes me twinkle


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!

Paige Rhianne said...

Wow these photos are amazing! A really good opportunity i definatly wouldnt turn down. I seen her in birmigham a few weeks back and i was at the front wonderful experience and she preformed your song which was beautiful!


Becca. said...

ellie goulding is great and probably about £100 (or just less) check it through the banner at the top of my blog :)

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Sophia's Lover said...

Lo meo servente core

Lo meo servente core
vi raccomandi Amor, [che] vi l’ha dato,
e Merzè d’altro lato
di me vi rechi alcuna rimembranza;
ché del vostro valore
avanti ch’io mi sia guari allungato,
mi tien già confortato
di ritornar la mia dolce speranza.
Deo, quanto fie poca addimoranza,
secondo il mio parvente! 10
ché mi volge sovente
la mente per mirar vostra sembianza:
per che ne lo meo gire e addimorando,
gentil mia donna, a voi mi raccomando

Pippa...you are the first!!! Thanks.

Unknown said...

She has a beautiful voice.

k said...

Wow those pictures are so great!! So lucky that you got to go to that concert...the song you posted is so pretty :)

Marina said...

great post!! nice pics!!
thanks so much for your lovely comment at my blog
I'm not a photographer I'm a fashion stylist:)

kiss marina

Unknown said...

I wasn't really that keen on her until I heard The Writer, which I can listen to 234347 times over, such a beautiful song <3

Elaine said...

Wow, these pictures are absolutely amazing!!!!!!


xx said...

this song is seriously so beautiful! havent heard of her before so thanks! xx

Susan said...

thank you :) but i have to say no. my hair are nature like you see it on the pictures. nothing special on it :P

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