Style Clone

Style Clone

Today I hit 350 followers. So I would love to just say a HUGE thank you to all of you!
My loyal fans who comment all the time, and even those others who dont :)
I appreciate all the support, a while ago I was going to stop blogging but you lot brought me back!
Today I thought I would unveil my new header and my new primary font, hope you all like it :)

A few months ago I was approached by the amazing website perfectly named... Style Clone. I was so honoured to be asked by such a big website especially as they feature some of my favourite bloggers who have thousands of followers and have done really well for themselves! The website is known for its amazing style tips, up to date gossip and information and of course its love of new found bloggers and their style. Luckily enough I was one of their new bloggers and they kindly made up one of my outfits I wore for a night out with the girls from over the Christmas Period....here. I wore a Topshop Top and skirt, Missguided boots and all matched together with Primark accessories.  They wrote some gorgeous things about me and also my style and I am so pleased with the way that the recreation came out. I really appreciate what they have done and I definitely think that  others should ask to have this done! Its really good to have your name out there and to have someone valuing your style efforts and fashion opinions! Here's the recreation they made...

Go check the post out HERE!!!


Jess said...

awrhh how lovely! i'm going to check out that post now! you seem like such a lovely down to earth person i'm not suprised they featured you!
and yes.. i'm sorry too say.. my nose piercing did hurt... but not loads.. just a sort of OW SHIT! then.. it the pain goes away.. anybody pushing a needle through your skin is gunna hurt a little bit.. :)
but it does look great! :)
have a lovely day petal

Unknown said...

Hey Pippa

I've recently found your blog and I'm loving it, and we have the same name!!

Love Pippa xx

Reyna @reynasblogxo said...

Congrats! + I'm happy to be a follower! xx

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment on my blog!
and I love your top!
going to check out your post now!
Jules x

daisychain said...

How had I not heard of that site before? x

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that is super nice!! :) I'm happy for you Pippa, it's always really good to be appreciated! I'm sure we all know how hard it is to blog sometimes! Though I blog primarily because I love it, it's very demotivational when noone's reading! So congratulation on you hitting a 350 mark! :) And on being featured on Style Clone! :)


Thanks for the comment... lovely blog by the way :D I'm already a follower! YAY!

Laura said...

congrats on being featured! gonna go have a look at the post now :)
oh and photographing example? pretty cool that! you'll have to tell me how it goes/ show me the pics!

Laura said...

congrats on being featured! gonna go have a look at the post now :)
oh and photographing example? pretty cool that! you'll have to tell me how it goes/ show me the pics!

Georgie said...

Congrats on the followers and being featured on Style Clone! Love the outfit they featured too, that orange top is so unique!

Jess said...

well i'm pretty reckless so they didn't bat an eyelid.. ahahaha.. my parents have been split up since i was younger so i went a bit off the rails and did a lot of crazy things.. this was nothing compared to that!
i have a ring that doesn't fully join up in the middle so i can take it out whenever i like.. you could do that.. i bought mine of a piercing website for like 4 quid..
it wont heal up!

Unknown said...

Just type in 'dickhead song' on YouTube and It should come up :) It is so funny :) thanks for the comment lovely :) love your top by the way :)
speak soon :)

Rand T said...


Charly said...

Aw congrats chickadee, lovee this blouse the shapes gorgeous!



Hannah said...

Congrats on the big 350, that's really fantastic! I hope my blog gets that big one day!! I love the outfit you've put together, the rusty shirt is lovely. The cardigan I was wear is from H&M, I bought it in September =)

Bow Dream Nation xx

LillianZahra said...

Congratulations on 350 followers - you deserve each and every one of them!
I love that blouse, the colour is gorgeous and really suits you. x

Anonymous said...

thanks for checking out my blog. love these pieces ! i am now a follower:)

Victoria said...

CONGRATULATIONS on all of your followers and you feature on Style Clone! It certainly is a lovely outfit and the colours really suit you! xxx

thomessa said...

I love this layout.

Isabel said...

i love the recreation!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Coquetin said...

They looooove you Pipsqueak :)
As do I...lots!
Han xxxx

Cherry said...

I'm glad you like the website so much! I am the Sub Editor of Styleclone.com and I love Claire's blogger posts, especially the one she did for you and your blog!

Aya said...

I love your outfit! That is too cool that the website asked to clone your style! <3 xoxo

Becca. said...

well done pippa!!!! :)

and i have the top in 4 colours now, I BLAME PEOPLE GIVING ME TOPSHOP VOUCHERS FOR CHRISTMAS :/
haha oh well :)

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Qué importa. said...

I loooove this outfit!! I've recently found this blog, it's nice. you've a new follower. kisses

. said...

Aw well done! I've only just discovered your blog and I love it so it totally deserved that post.

Emma said...

Pippa you look gorgeous. I love the colours together xx

Marie said...

Hi, Pippa!

I know I haven't been leaving comments but just to let you know, I'm still here and still a happy follower of your blog!:D

***** Marie *****

Unknown said...

I'm a new follower to your blog and you look absolutely fabulous in the outfit! Seriously fabulous. And the color looks great on you. I'm heading to Style Clone now but, I'll be back.

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